Bewitched Novel by Chhavi Gupta

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Bewitched Novel Summary.

In a world where fashion and passion collide, a young and vibrant fashion designer, Mohit Paul, stands at the center of attention.

With his sinfully handsome looks, he effortlessly captures the hearts of those around him, leaving girls yearning for his affection. But little do they know that Mohit’s heart beats to the rhythm of a different melody.

Mohit is bi, and has always preferred the company of men, finding solace and connection within that realm. However, fate has a way of weaving unexpected tales, and one fateful night, his path intersects with that of Srusti—a simple, sweet, and innocent girl who possesses an enchanting aura.

As Mohit and Srusti embark on a journey through love, desire, and self-discovery, the lines between their worlds blur. Mohit finds himself captivated by Srusti’s genuine spirit and beguiling charm, awakening emotions he never thought possible.

And Srusti, unaware of Mohit’s preference, is irresistibly drawn to the magnetic aura that surrounds him. In a delicate dance between two souls, their hearts entwine, challenging societal norms and preconceived notions.

Will Mohit succumb to the magic of Srusti’s innocence and embrace a love he never thought he would find in a woman? And will Srusti be bewitched by the allure of Mohit’s captivating presence, despite his unconventional preferences?

In this evocative tale of passion and self-discovery, follow Mohit and Srusti as they navigate the intricate threads of desire and surrender. As they delve deeper into the depths of their souls, they must confront their own truths and make choices that will shape their destinies.

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Will their love transcend boundaries, or will the complexities of their identities tear them apart? “Bewitched” is a spellbinding story of love’s power to defy expectations, reminding us that the heart wants what it wants, regardless of societal norms.

Prepare to be swept away in a whirlwind of emotions as Mohit and Srusti’s journey unravels, leaving readers captivated until the very last page.

Bewitched Novel by Chhavi Gupta
Bewitched Novel by Chhavi Gupta

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