Best Trade Schools in Virginia Beach | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

Here are some of the best trade schools in Virginia Beach, which is a fantastic place to be. It is stunning, vibrant, and has an amazing vibe.

The city’s economy is highly strong and consistently provides fantastic career and business opportunities.

The educational facilities are excellent, and students will have no trouble locating the ideal setting to launch a new profession.

Graduates from trade schools in Virginia Beach are well-paid compared to others.

They often find themselves in highly skilled professions with many progression opportunities due to their skills, which differentiate them from others in the workforce. 

Are There Trade Schools in Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach has a trade school that offers the majority of the popular fields in the area. 

These vocational programs are a fantastic resource for anyone looking for new employment or looking to advance in their existing position.

Most certification and diploma courses can be finished in a few months, and courses are available online and on actual campus sites.

The National Center for Education Statistics currently lists more than 15 schools in trade schools in Virginia Beach.

Here are some of the trade schools in Virginia Beach:

  1. Advanced Technology Institute
  2. Bryant and Stratton College – Virginia Beach
  3. Centura College
  4. ECPL university
  5. Rudy and Kelly Academy of Hair and Nail
  6. South university 
  7. Strayer University – Virginia Beach Campus
  8. The Art Institute of Virginia Beach
  9. Wards Corner Beauty Academy – Virginia Beach

How Much Do Best Trade Schools in Virginia Beach Cost?

The affordability is one major advantage of going to the best trade schools in Virginia beach. 

Trade schools in Virginia Beach often cost one-third of what it would attend a university, which might cost upwards of $100,000. But the colleges are substantially less expensive, with average tuition rates of under $16,000.

If you’re attending the best trade school in Virginia Beach, you can apply for several scholarships to lower the cost of your study.

What are the Requirements For Best Trade Schools in Virginia Beach?

Application specifications vary by the program before consideration in the best trade schools in Virginia Beach.

The minimum requirements for applicants in trade schools in Virginia Beach are that they have completed high school or have the recognized equivalent.

The minimum age requirement for enrollment in the program is 17 years old.

Candidates must attend an admissions representative interview.

Depending on the program, there may be additional prerequisites for students who apply to trade schools in Virginia Beach.

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Best Trades Schools in Virginia Beach 2023

View the programs most pertinent to your interests and contrast them according to their tuition, acceptance rate, and other personal preferences. 

Below is a list of the best trade schools in Virginia Beach 2023.

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Advanced Technology Institute

The main campus of the Advanced Technology Institute in Virginia Beach provides training for vocations such as welders, HVAC technicians, heavy equipment or diesel mechanics, or auto mechanics.

Each program’s curriculum includes classroom instruction, laboratory work, or hands-on training using test instruments and tools. 

The institution teaches students critical thinking, inventory management, employee relations, and customer service. 

Additionally, ATI Workforce Solutions offers businesses training and development opportunities for current personnel.

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Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Aviation Institute of Maintenance has been educating and training students from Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas for over 50 years.

 It offers a range of trade profession courses, such as industrial production, maintenance, and combination welding. Additionally, it provides courses in technician avionics, aircraft dispatching, and aviation maintenance technology. 

Many college graduates were given jobs at organizations including AAR Corp, United Airlines, and Dallas Airmotive.

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Bryant & Stratton College Virginia Beach

More than 20 associate degrees are available at Bryant & Stratton College’s Virginia Beach campus for students interested in pursuing jobs in early childhood education, accounting, digital marketing, and hotel and restaurant management.

 In addition, it aids students in becoming ready to work in the legal field, whether they pursue a career in paralegal studies or criminal justice. 

Since the school offers on-campus childcare, parents can attend classes without having to drop off their kids at daycare facilities. Additionally, Bryant & Stratton College offers Career LifePrep, a course that prepares students for life after graduation.

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Centura College

Since 1969, Centura College, a college, has provided career placement services to customers in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. Its health science branch offers a variety of training courses. 

Students can prepare for entry-level careers in healthcare technology management by enrolling in its Biomedical Equipment Technology degree program.

 In accordance with medical standards and recommendations, its instructors assist students in troubleshooting, installing, inspecting, maintaining, repairing, and calibrating biomedical equipment and support systems. 

There are additional training programs for massage treatment and esthetics.

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East Coast Polytechnic Institute University

Students in Virginia Beach can attend the vocational school East Coast Polytechnic Institute University. 

It provides bachelor’s, master’s, and associate’s degree programs in health sciences, which include massage therapy and healthcare administration, as well as information technology, which covers data analytics, cybersecurity, and software development.

 Additionally, it offers Business Administration courses in hospitality management and accounting. 

The university was established in Norfolk in 1966, but its main campus was moved to the city in 1987. It provides synchronous remote learning.

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In Virginia Beach, Fortis serves recent high school graduates, people looking to change careers, and curious learners. 

Healthcare programs and different vocations, like massage therapy, HVAC, medical assisting, practical nursing, and dental assisting, are available at the university’s campuses in Norfolk and Richmond.

 For several of its programs, the school uses online learning platforms; for example, its nursing courses use METI simulation technology.

 Its courses educate students for entry-level positions in their desired careers by fusing conventional education with hands-on training.

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Norfolk Technical Center

Norfolk Technical Center offers a variety of educational programs for students in Virginia Beach.

 It has a JAVA programming course under business and technology careers. Students can also take culinary arts and fashion design under family and consumer science.

 They can enroll in health and medical science programs for medical assistants and pharmacy technicians. In addition, there are trade and industrial courses, like carpentry and auto mechanics. 

Norfolk Technical Center has Governor’s, Board of Education, and Career and Technical Education seals.

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Techno Training, Inc.

Students in the Virginia Beach metro area can take technology training classes from Techno Training, Inc. 

People can learn about software by taking classes at the school in ACT, Apple, CISM, and AutoCAD. Additionally, it offers instruction in mechanical and industrial skills such as hydraulics, electrical controls, facility and plant management, and air conditioning.

 The college also offers environmental services courses that cover microbial research and industrial hygiene.

 The teachers at Techno Training, Inc. use virtual training to develop their students’ skills conveniently.

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Tidewater Tech

Tidewater Tech caters to Virginia Beach students. The programs it offers include automotive technician, building and construction trades, combination welding, combination maritime welding, and HVAC technician.

 Industry professionals oversee the hands-on training sessions for this program. The courses are made to accommodate adult learners who require quick training to begin a new career. 

In a few months, full-time students might complete their programs. The National Automotive Technician Education Foundation, the American Welding Society, the Airconditioning Contractors of America, and the Mobile Air Conditioning Society are among the organizations that Tidewater Tech is a part of.

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Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center

Since its doors opened in 1972, the Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center has provided services to the neighborhood. 

With its 23 vocational programs, the school, established to offer training programs to students in grades 11 and 12, aims to promote career preparedness. 

Culinary arts, dental assisting, landscape design, masonry, plumbing, and welding are among the courses provided. Additionally, it instructs students who desire to work in public safety, practical nursing, and the administration of legal and medical systems.

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Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing

At the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing, students who want to become professional artists can take classes for hobbyist blacksmiths and get a Certificate in Artistic Blacksmithing.

The State Council of Higher Education of Virginia has granted operating permission to only one artistic blacksmithing institution, The Virginia Institute.

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Lotus School of Integrated Professions

The Lotus School prepares students for careers in master esthetics, esthetics, or massage therapy.

Students can obtain the certificate in as little as 8 months.

Students are assisted by knowledgeable professors in obtaining academic knowledge and real-world clinical experience.

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The Apprentice School

Men and women are being trained at the Apprentice School for careers in shipbuilding.

Students can become artisans during a minimum of 7,000 hours of on-the-job training in one of the 19 shipbuilding fields.

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The Chrysm Institute of Esthetics

The Chrysm Institute of Esthetics provides cutting-edge instruction and training in the most recent developments in skin care procedures.

The Institute has received approval from the U.S. Department of Education and licenses from DPOR, NACCAS, and SCHEV.

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Lillique Training Institute

For people who want to work in the beauty sector, Lillique Training Institute offers excellent training.

The Institute is committed to providing students with the necessary information and abilities to realize their aspirations.

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Accreditations in Virginia Beach

Finding a trade school with regional or national accreditation is crucial if you intend to enroll in one. 

When a school is accredited, it indicates that it has through a review process by a reliable outside party to make sure that it offers high-quality education and complies with specified requirements.

Best Paying Trade Jobs in Virginia Beach?

You might be shocked to learn how much money you can make in Virginia with a trade school education.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for postsecondary non-degree jobs is $50,967. However, the income for this non-degree employment might easily approach $70,000 or $80,000, depending on the field.

The average salary for jobs in the state that need a bachelor’s degree is $88,639, according to the same BLS statistics. 

The average salary for jobs requiring a master’s degree is $91,423, while the average salary for a doctoral or professional degree is $124,533.

How Do I Become a Trader in Virginia Beach

To ensure that they comprehend the fundamentals of markets and how to trade them, anyone wishing to engage in trading should take a few important measures.

  • Establish a solid foundation of understanding about financial markets because they can differ in terms of risk and needed approaches.
  • The next step is to develop a trading strategy that will enable you to make money in the market of your choice and specify the precise steps you will take to enter and exit deals.
  • Taking the jump and trading for yourself is the last step in the trading process. However, there is no finish line because you may continually improve your market understanding and trading approach.


Choosing the best trade schools in Virginia Beach might be challenging.

Before selecting the institution that best suits your needs and career goals, don’t forget to conduct your own research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of trades are offered in Virginia Beach trade schools?

Healthcare, cosmetology, technology, construction, and other fields are typical specialties offered in trade schools in Virginia Beach.

Are there online trade schools in Virginia Beach?

There are online trade schools in Virginia Beach. The kind of trade you’re interested in will determine whether you should enroll in an online trade school.
You should go to a trade school in person to learn a practical trade like electrical work or welding. 
This will enable you to practice your craft in front of an accomplished expert who can immediately fix your errors (and keep you safe).

How many hours a day do traders work?

They would short securities that show vulnerability when their prices rise and the market is heading downward. 
The majority of independent day traders work two to five hours every day. Before making genuine trading, they frequently practice making simulation transactions for several months.

Can I be rich by trading?

Yes, millions have been made by people who engage in trading.


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