15 Best SQL Bootcamps: What Should You Expect From An SQL Bootcamp

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a powerful tool for managing and manipulating databases, and SQL bootcamps can provide you with the skills and knowledge to excel in this field.

In this list, we’ve compiled the 15 best SQL bootcamps for 2024, offering comprehensive training and practical experience. These bootcamps are known for their reputation, quality curriculum, experienced instructors, and job placement support.

Choosing an SQL bootcamp from this list ensures you’ll receive quality education and support throughout your learning journey.

The instructors are experienced in teaching SQL, and SQL bootcamps often offer job placement assistance to help you kickstart your career in data analysis, database administration, or related fields.

By the end of any of these SQL bootcamps, you should expect to have a strong foundation in SQL, the ability to write complex queries, and the skills to manage and manipulate databases effectively.

So, get ready to take your SQL skills to the next level. Explore the options on the list, consider your goals, and choose an SQL bootcamp that aligns with your aspirations.

Is an SQL Bootcamp Worth it?

An SQL bootcamp can be a valuable investment if you want to work with databases and gain practical SQL (Structured Query Language) skills.

Industries for data management and analysis use SQL. Attending an SQL bootcamp will teach you the fundamentals of SQL, querying and manipulating data, database design principles, and data modeling. These skills are in high demand in today’s data-driven world.

An SQL bootcamp provides a focused and structured learning experience. You’ll be able to work on real-world projects, gaining hands-on experience that can enhance your resume and make you more marketable to potential employers.

SQL bootcamps often have experienced instructors who can guide you through the learning process and provide valuable insights. They can help you understand complex concepts and answer any questions.

However, it’s important to note that the value of an SQL bootcamp depends on your goals and circumstances. Suppose you’re looking to pursue a career in data analysis, database administration, or any role that involves working with databases.

In that case, an SQL bootcamp can be a great way to gain the necessary skills quickly and efficiently.

If you’re already familiar with SQL or have a strong background in database management, an SQL bootcamp may not provide as much value. Self-study or more courses will be a better fit in such cases.

Consider your learning style, time commitment, and budget when deciding if an SQL bootcamp is worthwhile. Research different bootcamps, read reviews, and consider the curriculum, instructor quality, and job placement support they offer.

SQL bootcamps can be a worthwhile investment if you focus on learning SQL and want to enhance your career prospects in data-related fields. It can give you the skills and knowledge to work with databases and open new opportunities effectively.

What Should You Expect From An SQL Bootcamp

SQL bootcamps provide the skills and knowledge you need to work effectively with SQL databases.

In an SQL bootcamp, you can expect to learn the fundamentals of SQL, including querying and manipulating data, creating and modifying database schemas, and understanding database design principles.

The bootcamp will likely cover database management systems, data modeling, and advanced SQL techniques.

The curriculum of SQL bootcamps typically includes a combination of theory and hands-on practice. You’ll be able to work on real-world projects, solve database-related challenges and gain practical experience.

Furthermore, an SQL bootcamp may also cover related technologies and concepts like data visualization, database administration, and database security.

When choosing an SQL bootcamp, consider factors such as the bootcamp’s reputation, curriculum coverage, instructor expertise, and job placement support.

Look for a bootcamp with a comprehensive and well-structured program, with experienced instructors who can guide you through the learning process.

The success of SQL bootcamps depends on your dedication and commitment. Practice regularly, ask questions, and actively participate in the bootcamp to maximize your learning experience.

By the end of an SQL bootcamp, you should expect a solid understanding of SQL and the ability to work with databases confidently, write complex queries, and analyze data.

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Best SQL Bootcamps in 2024

The best SQL bootcamps are often data science or data analytics bootcamps. These bootcamps provide an in-depth foundation in SQL analysis, querying databases, and using applications and systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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Without further ado, here are the best SQL bootcamps in 2024:

  1. Coding Nomads
  2. Springboard
  3. Coding Dojo
  4. Mode
  5. Brain Station
  6. Data Science Dojo
  7. Udacity
  8. Career Foundry
  9. Bloom Institute of Technology
  10. Thinkful
  11. Simplilearn
  12. Flatiron School
  13. Coursera
  14. Udemy SQL Bootcamp
  15. General Assembly

#1. Coding Nomads 

The Coding Nomads data science and machine learning curriculum is a 180-hour intensive course for students with a background in Python and object-oriented programming. The base plan simply provides the course and access to an online forum for technical support.

Coding Nomads also has two additional plans: premium ($29 per month) and mentorship ($899 per month). The mentorship program provides career counseling, one-on-one support, and round-the-clock assistance. Making it one of the best SQL bootcamps out there

Other bootcamps and courses on the site include web development, JavaScript, APIs, and a free course on SQL and databases.  

Click here to join Coding Nomads.

#2. Springboard

Springboard bootcamp offers two main SQL courses: a data science bootcamp and a data analytics bootcamp. The data science program offers specialized career options in business analytics, advanced machine learning, and general data science.

The curriculum is for students with at least six months of coding expertise and knowledge of probability and statistics. 

Springboard’s data analytics curriculum is also not for beginners; students must have at least two years of professional experience with office, design, or programming skills. The program’s focal points are Business analytics, financial metrics, and data visualization. 

Both courses feature an optional employment guarantee and one-on-one mentorship, career coaching, technical interview training, and pay negotiating recommendations for qualified applicants. Students also get tips on seeking jobs and help writing resumes. 

Click here to join Springboard.

#3. Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo offers two SQL courses: one concentrating on machine learning and the other on data visualization. The data visualization course contains everything from the machine learning course, plus a four-week intensive on utilizing Tableau and time series analysis.

Students can expect to master core Python and SQL abilities, data processing, statistical analysis, and gradient boosting. 

Although the programs are not self-paced, students benefit from having access to professors inside and outside of class, teaching assistants, personalized career coaching, mock interview training, and resume development assistance.

Click here to join Coding Dojo.

#4. Mode

Mode is one of the SQL bootcamps that enables enterprises to conduct ad-hoc analysis and generate custom reports. This SQL bootcamp provides SQL training as part of the platform for anyone interested in becoming a data analyst.

The curriculum is completely self-paced and intended for beginners. The tutorial is conducted entirely within Mode’s platform and a web browser. 

This curriculum covers all you need to know about using SQL for data analysis but does not include SQL for software or data engineering.

Mode provides free Python training for data analysis, making the platform an excellent starting point for anyone interested in a data science or analytics career. 

Click here to join Mode.

#5. Brain Station

Brain Station’s SQL bootcamp teaches a solid foundation in SQL for data analysis and machine learning skills. Students can also expect to obtain essential skills and applications like SQL, Python, Tableau, Pandas, and Amazon Web Services.

A professional development unit is also in the course to teach students how to explain findings, establish portfolios, and develop soft skills. 

The full-time or part-time programs are not self-paced. Students can, however, receive one-on-one career mentoring, professional development courses on resume writing and LinkedIn use, and a diploma upon completion. 

Click here to join Brain Station.

#6. Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo is one the top SQL bootcamps that provides a 16-week bootcamp covering data science and SQL analysis principles.

The Dojo ($3,799) plan simply contains the course, whereas the Guru ($3,999) plan includes the course, a validated certificate of accomplishment, access to a learning platform, and software subscriptions. Students can also receive mentorship from seasoned data scientists for $4,500. 

In-person SQL bootcamps are available in Seattle, Washington, DC, New York City, and Austin. The in-person courses last only five days and require ten hours of instructional time daily.

In addition to data science, Data Science Dojo offers PowerBI and Python classes and a practicum for qualified students, including a six-month internship. 

Click here to join Data Science Dojo.

#7. Udacity

Udacity offers many SQL and data science training programs, including a free basic SQL course, a two-month intense SQL program, and SQL bootcamps in data science and data analytics. They also provide coding, software engineering, and user experience design courses.

Although the data scientist and data analyst bootcamps are not for beginners, the site offers several free introductory and preparatory courses to assist beginners in laying the groundwork. 

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While the bootcamps are expected to last four months, they are fully self-paced. However, the fee ($1,356) only allows you to participate in the program for four months. Any further months are $399 each.

Upon completion, students receive a certificate, technical mentor support, customized comments, portfolio review, and networking opportunities. 

Click here to join Udacity. 

#8. Career Foundry 

The data analytics program at Career Foundry is primarily self-paced, making it an excellent choice for those with a demanding schedule.

Furthermore, the program includes an employment guarantee: your tuition will be returned if you do not find work in your new sector within six months of graduation. However, not everyone is qualified, and no one is compelled to participate. 

The program at Career Foundry is designed for novices and contains an introductory lesson that teaches the essentials of analysis and Excel. Students receive one-on-one mentorship, career counseling, personalized feedback, and assistance.  

Click here to join Career Foundry

#9. Bloom Institute of Technology

BloomTech’s 960-hour data science course teaches novices the core skills required for a career in SQL and data science. Students can attend live classes and pre-recorded sessions on demand throughout the week, and the curriculum is self-paced.

BloomTech students also receive individual career counseling, mentorship, interview preparation, and wage negotiation advice. 

While BloomTech is the most expensive choice on this list, qualifying students can enroll in a job guarantee program, which allows them to pay nothing upfront or in equal installments.

Graduates who do not find a job paying more than $50,000 annually within a year of graduation receive 110% of their tuition back. In addition, partial grants are given to qualified students.

Click here to join BloomTech.

#10. Thinkful

Thinkful provides courses in data science as well as data analytics. In addition to SQL principles, the data science curriculum teaches machine learning, big data, and deep learning.

Thinkful’s data analysis program focuses on business analytics, emphasizing Excel analysis, basic Python programming, and SQL fundamentals. Before being admitted into the bootcamp, full-time students may need to undergo a preparatory course. 

For those who qualify and are interested, all of Thinkful’s programs feature a job guarantee option. Students can also use a Slack channel to seek help from instructors and peers, technical coaches to work through complicated challenges, career coaching, and resume assistance. 

Click here to join Thinkful.

#11. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a supplier of online education that provides SQL bootcamp training and certification courses in many areas, such as software development, project management, and data science. 

If you only want to study SQL, Simplilearn is the best SQL bootcamp for you. Because of its specific emphasis, Simplilearn’s SQL bootcamp is far less expensive than other SQL bootcamps.

For slightly more than $1,000, you may learn how to manage and organize databases and obtain a crash course on MySQL.

If you pass the final exam, you will be given a Simplilearn certificate that you may exhibit to prospective employers. Over 60,000 people have taken this course, and 90 percent of all course participants are satisfied with their training.

Click here to join Simplilearn.

#12. Flatiron School 

Flatiron School is among the best SQL bootcamps available. It is one of the best places to study SQL because of its superb software engineering and data science programs.

Flatiron School offers a variety of data-related curricula. Students in the data science immersive program learn the fundamentals of data analysis using SQL and Python. Students will swiftly master advanced statistics, machine learning, and big data before completing a data science project.

Flatiron offers a free coding bootcamp prep course and unique SQL bootcamp alternatives. This fairly typical software will teach you the essentials of coding. Its JavaScript and Ruby classes teach students the fundamental principles they’ll need to succeed in the main bootcamp. 

Click here to join Flatiron School. 

#13. Coursera

The SQL Certificate for Data Science by Coursera is a course created to teach students the principles of SQL and how to work with data for data science objectives.

The best online SQL course starts with the fundamentals and eventually shows you how to create straightforward and intricate queries that assist you in selecting data from tables.

In this course, you will learn about filtering strategies and narrowing down your results and other data kinds like strings and numbers.

Additionally, this SQL shows you some standard operators and how to combine data. Additionally, you can employ terminology and ideas like data governance and profiling. The course material covers data and provides practice with actual programming tasks.

Click here to join Coursera

#14. Udemy SQL Bootcamp

Students looking for a quick and inexpensive approach to learning SQL might use The Complete SQL Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero because it is less expensive than physical SQL bootcamps.

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One of the most well-liked online learning platforms is Udemy, and their comprehensive SQL bootcamp is among its best-rated SQL courses.

It introduces students to PgAdmin, an administration and development platform, and PostgreSQL, a well-known relational database management system. Students design databases and tables, study the fundamentals of SQL syntax, and use Python to hone their skills.

Click here to join Udemy SQL Bootcamp.

#15. General Assembly

General Assembly is an easily accessible SQL bootcamp that offers classes in data analytics, data science, and other SQL-related topics.

Anyone may easily learn to query databases at General Assembly, one of the most amazing and comprehensive coding bootcamps. Students in the data science program acquire SQL and other data skills in five units. Students master the fundamentals of Python in an online prep work course.

Most courses last about 12 weeks and are taught by industry specialists who give outstanding education. While the $16,450 price tag may appear high, several options exist for financing your education.

The revenue share arrangement with General Assembly allows students to pay back their tuition once they find work.

The General Assembly has a stellar track record. Over 90% of graduates who participate in career services find work within 180 days of graduation. Companies wanting to upskill their teams can also use General Assembly’s coding bootcamp programs. 

Click here to join General Assembly.

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Why You Should Learn SQL in 2024

It’s simple to learn: SQL isn’t as difficult as other parts of computer science. Learning Python and SQL, typically taught together, can lead to many professional opportunities.

It is employed in data analytics: Because SQL allows people to access and change data, it benefits data scientists and analysts. Experts parse, evaluate, and generate assumptions about data using obtained data. This is ideal for digital marketing, business intelligence, and software development.

It’s a valuable skill: Knowing SQL puts you in a somewhat beneficial position. Mastering SQL demonstrates to potential employers that you can access seemingly unrelated data and change it in real-time to demonstrate correlations. This is ideal for pursuing a career in data analytics or data science.

It’s simple to troubleshoot: Anyone who has done extensive coding knows how aggravating it can be to discover an error in your syntax someplace. It can be difficult to locate and change: The simpler syntax of SQL, on the other hand, eliminates much of the headache involved with most programming languages.

It simplifies data collection: Compiling data from several sources can be daunting. You must locate data sources, understand how to efficiently combine or manipulate them, and compile them in one location. Working with large amounts of data is significantly easier using SQL than with more limited tools such as Microsoft Excel.


How long is SQL bootcamp?

This robust programming language is utilized extensively in various domains, including artificial intelligence, data research, and web development. For three weeks, you will master the essentials of SQL in collaboration with a live instructor and an engaging group of enthusiastic students.

Can I learn SQL in 30 days?

An average learner should be able to acquire the fundamentals of SQL and begin using SQL databases in roughly two to three weeks. But you’ll need to become pretty fluent with them before you can start employing them successfully in everyday situations, which takes time.

Is SQL enough to get a job?

SQL is a requirement for any career or project you want to try with data because it is an essential component of database management and equally important for many sectors.


In this list, we’ve highlighted the 15 best SQL bootcamps for 2024. When you enroll in an SQL bootcamp, you can expect to learn the fundamentals of SQL, such as querying and manipulating data, database design principles, and data modeling.

The bootcamps on this list offer a hands-on learning approach, allowing you to work on real-world projects and gain practical experience. This immersive learning style helps solidify your understanding of SQL concepts and prepares you for the demands of the industry.

By the end of an SQL bootcamp, you should expect to have a strong foundation in SQL, the ability to write complex queries, and the skills to manage and manipulate databases effectively. These skills are in high demand in data-related roles across various industries.

Now that you have the list of the best SQL bootcamps for 2024, take the time to explore each option, consider your goals and preferences, and choose the bootcamp that aligns with your aspirations.

With dedication and a commitment to learning, an SQL bootcamp can be a valuable investment in your career.


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