15 Best Online Public Health Courses with Certification

Online public health courses are the first place to go if you’re interested in exploring the world of public health. We’re about to dive into a list of the 15 best online public health courses with certification that can open doors for you.

When it comes to staying in the loop with the latest in health and wellness, especially in our increasingly digital world, these online courses are like a goldmine of knowledge right at your fingertips.

Whether you aim to make a career pivot, enhance your existing expertise, or satisfy your curiosity about the intricate world of public health, these courses have got you covered.

So, grab a cozy spot to sit back and relax – we’re about to embark on a journey through top-notch online public health education options. Let’s get started, shall we?

Duties of a Public Health Professional

Public health specialists may conduct studies using standardized testing or collaborate with an environmental organization to assess how air pollution affects the health of residents in a neighborhood or city.

They might advise on how much a clinic should charge for services so that patients have consistent access to care, or they might collaborate with the government to prevent a disease from spreading from one country to another.

Public health educators work to educate other public health professionals, while public health nurses provide medical care or guidance to the entire community. Human health and wellness, in all forms, is a massive undertaking that is required worldwide. Learning public health concepts can be applied to any other profession.

15 Best Online Public Health Courses with Certification in 2024

We looked at accredited, trusted programs of all types to rank the 15 Best Online Public Health courses. Using data from IPEDS, Niche & World Report, and other higher education rating publications, we ranked programs based on price, accreditation, reputation, and pay potential.

Here are the best online public health courses;

  1. Doane University / EDX – Health Informatics Technology in Population Healthcare Analytics.
  2. Harvard University / EDX – Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety; The Health Effects of Climate Change.
  3. Johns Hopkins University / Coursera – Biostatistics in Public Health; Foundations of Global Health.
  4. Liberty University / Apple iTunes – Community Health Nursing.
  5. NextGenU – Various public health courses, including the first free online MPH degree.
  6. SDG Academy / EDX – Global Public Health.
  7. UC Irvine / Apple iTunes – Foundations of Public Health.
  8. University of Pittsburgh / Coursera – Epidemics, Pandemics, and Outbreaks.
  9. Yale University / Open Academy – Epidemics in Western Society Since 1600.
  10. Duke University / Coursera – The Challenges of Global Health.
  11. Institute for Healthcare Improvement – Triple Aim for Populations.
  12. Johns Hopkins University / JHSPH Open – Various public health courses on different topics.
  13. MIT / EDX – Global Health Informatics to Improve Quality of Care.
  14. OpenSUNY / Coursera – Global Health Diplomacy.
  15. Stanford University / Coursera – International Women’s Health and Human Rights.

#1. Doane University /EDX

Doane University provides a free online public health course on health informatics technologies. It aims to offer students intermediate knowledge to help them work in informatics or the healthcare industry. In informatics and healthcare technology, it focuses on population data or huge groups rather than individual care.

The short time required for the curriculum distinguishes Doane University’s program. If students set aside enough time, they can complete the course in three weeks. Because it is a short course, students can complete the work when it is convenient for them.

The weekly time commitment for the training is around five to ten hours. Students should review their schedules to ensure they have enough time to complete the degree; nonetheless, it is a flexible program that allows students to work at their speed.

Doane University’s online public health course allows students to earn a certificate for a modest cost.

CourseHealth Informatics Technology in Population Healthcare Analytics

#2. Harvard University /EDX

Harvard University provides two free online public health courses for those wanting to expand their expertise or learn about a certain issue. The intermediate course examines global health concerning quality and safety.

The first course covers the effects of climate change on human health and populations. Students can take the classes for free and concentrate on their career aspirations.

The expedited concentration of the courses distinguishes Harvard University from other schools. Students can complete the courses in seven or eight weeks, allowing them to work rapidly.

It also provides a flexible online timetable that allows students to study for continuing education or to discover critical details that may aid them in their job while working around their schedules and obligations.

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Students can acquire a credential from Harvard University after completing the online courses for a modest cost.

CoursesImproving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and SafetyThe Health Effects of Climate Change

#3. Johns Hopkins University /Coursera

Through Coursera, Johns Hopkins University provides two free public health courses. The biostatistics in public health course is an introductory level course that studies statistical data and analytical methodologies used in public health for enhanced skills in analyzing biomedical research statistics and associated data points.

The Foundations of Global Health course is also a basic level course that provides a solid foundation in public health as it applies to a global context.

The customizable format distinguishes Johns Hopkins University’s courses on Coursera. Students can study whenever it is convenient for them and have access to course materials from any location using a computer, laptop, or tablet.

The course is entirely online, and students do not need to attend any college classes to finish it. Based on student preferences and personal scheduling, Johns Hopkins University courses can be completed in 10 weeks or less.

CoursesBiostatistics in Public HealthFoundations of Global Health

#4. Liberty University / Apple iTunes 

Liberty University provides a free Community Health Nursing course via the Apple iTunes store. The online course focuses on nurses’ roles in community health and the effects of environmental factors on a local community.

It aims to teach nurses how to adapt to various situations that may emerge when working with a community.

Liberty University distinguishes itself by providing a free course with no precondition requirements. Students studying nursing, public health, or any other subject can get the course through the iTunes store.

Students can get a broad understanding of public health as it applies to nursing and local communities as a result of this.

It is a flexible alternative for students who may have time constraints. The Liberty University course offers a Biblical approach to public health and nursing issues.

CoursesCommunity Health Nursing

#5. NextGenU 

NextGenU has numerous possibilities for free online public health courses to help you increase your understanding of a topic or for personal interests. This school has long been known for its free online public health courses, but it has now taken an even bigger step by offering the first free online MPH degree.

NextGenU, created in collaboration with the WHO, the CDC, and many other organizations, has raised the bar for free public health education.

Committing to free education is one of the primary ways NextGenU distinguishes itself. Not only do they provide numerous free online courses that allow students to earn credits toward their degree.

They have established those courses and their degree on the greatest level of knowledge and reach, providing students access to the best minds in public health. NextGenU is the first organization to provide a free online degree program for individuals studying public health.

CoursesNextGenU Courses

#6. SDG Academy /EDX

SDG Academy is a free online public health course in Global Public Health that teaches students about the impact of institutions and infrastructure in local communities and areas on global public health.

It investigates the impact of healthy people on their surroundings and interactions, intending to identify the links between economics, social interaction, and the environment on health.

Students can acquire a recognized certificate from SDG Academy after completing the online course, which may aid with career chances or gaining credits for a degree.

The emphasis on environmental and human health concerns distinguishes SDG Academy’s free online course. The curriculum educates students on how community health affects economics, migration to new areas, and trade.

It also discusses the impact of health on local food systems and how changes to a food system may affect the health of local communities.

CoursesGlobal Public Health

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#7. UC Irvine / Apple iTunes 

If you wish to pursue free online public health courses, you can enroll in UC Irvine’s Foundations of Public Health course. The free course is a fundamental course designed to meet the needs of students seeking a solid understanding of public health themes.

It is intended for graduate students who have a basic understanding of the subject matter but want to delve deeper into the principles of public health research. Students are free to work on course materials at their own pace.

UC Irvine distinguishes itself from other programs by providing a free course through Apple iTunes. Students may easily obtain and attend the classes because they are available in iTunes format. The materials can be followed with an Apple phone, tablet, or device.

Students can also access the content using their PC and iTunes account. This enables students to listen to lectures or complete classwork from any location. To take the free course at UC Irvine, students must obtain permission from an instructor or hold a graduate degree.

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CoursesFoundations of Public Health

#8. University of Pittsburgh /Coursera

The University of Pittsburgh provides a free online public health course that teaches students about disease pandemics.

Students can examine alternative solutions to resolve concerns about pandemics and epidemics that may cause harm to large populations and groups by studying how illnesses spread throughout a population. It also assists students in clarifying the strategies for isolating potential dangers to limit illness spread.

The customizable format is one of the ways the University of Pittsburg distinguishes itself. Students have flexible deadlines for course materials and classwork, allowing working adults to finish the course when convenient.

It also allows students to work from anywhere because it is entirely online. Students are not required to attend classes on the university campus, so they can work on them whenever available. The free online course from the University of Pittsburg is only seven hours long and can be completed in a matter of weeks.

CoursesEpidemics, Pandemics, and Outbreaks

#9. Yale University /Open Academy

Yale University provides a free public health course that focuses on illness history. Western Society’s Epidemics Since 1600 focuses on epidemics that have caused widespread devastation and the impact of those diseases on society.

It investigates the evolution of public health interventions in response to disease, epidemics, and changes in ethical norms over time.

The course’s complete focus is one of the ways Yale University distinguishes itself. The free online course includes 25 lectures on themes ranging from the bubonic plague to the AIDS pandemic.

It also investigates modern disease epidemics and the impact of modern techniques on restricting disease spread in an increasingly global context. Yale University’s lectures are delivered in a simple video format, allowing students to study from the best academics in public health education.

CoursesEpidemics in Western Society Since 1600

#10. Duke University / Coursera

Duke University provides a free online public health course with a global health focus. The Challenges of Global Health course identifies global health issues affecting populations. It also seeks to discover the root cause of health issues and focuses on solutions that may aid in preventing future difficulties.

For a broad view of public health, the course focuses on the global viewpoint and populations as a whole rather than particular groups within a population.

The course’s flexibility is one of the ways Duke University distinguishes itself. Students can alter their deadlines to meet their schedules and work on the course using the online system. It does not need students to attend on-campus classes.

Thanks to the fully online program, students can also work on their coursework or listen to lectures from any location with an Internet connection. Duke University’s introductory course requires only 10 to 11 hours to complete the lectures and examinations.

CoursesThe Challenges of Global Health

#11. Institute for Healthcare Improvement 

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement provides an online population quality and safety course. The courses are designed to teach students the fundamentals they need to know before moving on to more advanced disciplines.

The intermediate courses concentrate on specialized themes of debate concerning healthcare and demographics.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement distinguishes itself by providing course material translations in French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Students can attend classes in the language that best suits their studies.

It allows students who are not fluent in English to complete the course and study the same subjects. To make it easier for students to keep up with the course material, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement divides classes into 15 to 40-minute sessions.

CoursesTriple Aim for Populations

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#12. Johns Hopkins University /JHSPH Open 

Students interested in studying various public health issues at Johns Hopkins University might focus on the free courses available at JHSPH Open.

Students can choose from various courses ranging from animal research and foodborne bioterrorism to global tobacco control and child development. You have access to various free online courses that allow you to focus on a field of study that matches your long-term career and hobbies goals.

The courses from Johns Hopkins University at JHSPH Open stand out because they provide a comprehensive understanding of public health. The variety of courses allows students to understand how public health affects local and global settings.

It also aims to provide students with a solid foundation in the dangers to public health and safety that may occur in modern settings. Students at Johns Hopkins University can divide courses by topic or collection to make it easier to follow through on a topic related to public health.

CoursesJHUSPH Open

#13. MIT/EDX

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, provides a free online public health course on global health informatics focusing on increasing medical care quality. Because the course content is sophisticated, students should have prior informatics and medical technology knowledge.

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It is not intended for students who are just beginning their degree and lack the essential knowledge of public health and informatics to assist them in understanding the course material.

MIT distinguishes itself from other courses by emphasizing computer science components of public health and medicine. It acknowledges the significance of technology in modern medicine and gives students a thorough understanding of how technology might affect patient care.

Medical technology advancements may impact long-term public health initiatives, and MIT educates students about the issues that may occur over time.

MIT’s online course allows students to get a certificate for a minimal cost, which may be useful when applying for jobs or demonstrating informatics skills.

CoursesGlobal Health Informatics to Improve Quality of Care

#14. OpenSUNY / Coursera

OpenSUNY provides free online public health courses to help you focus on key career skills. Global Health Diplomacy is a free course offered by the institution. The course teaches students how politics, money, and diplomacy interact to influence global health and public safety decisions.

The degree goes beyond medical themes and terminology to assist students in recognizing additional elements that may impact global public health.

The flexibility of the free online course is one of the primary ways OpenSUNY distinguishes itself. Students can sign up for the introductory level public health course at various periods throughout the year.

It is a completely online curriculum that allows working individuals to complete the course when convenient. It also permits a large number of students to sign up for the free course, allowing a large number of students to attend the class.

OpenSUNY provides accelerated online courses, and the free public health course is a seven-week session that students can do when they have time.

CoursesGlobal Health Diplomacy

#15. Stanford University / Coursera

Stanford University offers a free online course in International Women’s Health and Human Rights that provides students with a solid foundation in worldwide themes concerning women’s rights. The course focuses on women’s lives from birth to old age and how rights affect women’s health and well-being in many parts of the world.

The emphasis on flexibility distinguishes Stanford University from other schools. The course takes about 48 hours to complete.

However, the flexibility allows students to complete it in eight weeks. If you have scheduling constraints, you can also take additional time to complete and finish the course in 11 weeks. This adaptability guarantees that you can stay on track and complete your schoolwork when convenient.

Suppose students desire to receive credit or use the certificate for continuing education in their profession. In that case, they can acquire a certificate from Stanford University for the International Women’s Health and Human Rights course.

CoursesInternational Women’s Health and Human Rights


Is it possible to get a legitimate online public health certificate for free?

A free and valid online public health certificate is available. However, while most courses are free, receiving the certificate normally requires a small fee. If you require a free online public health course that includes a certificate at the conclusion, be sure you understand the terms of earning the certificate before beginning the course.

Can public health work in hospitals?

Yes, with a bachelor’s degree in Public Health, you can work as a: Regulatory Compliance Specialist, ensuring hospitals follow proper safety measures, privacy guidelines, health standards, and regulatory paperwork.

How many years is studying public health?

Programs typically take three to five years to complete depending on class load and other factors. Some students may earn this degree and continue to a higher-level program for further in-depth study.


The article discusses public health professionals’ diverse roles and responsibilities, highlighting their crucial contributions to safeguarding community health and well-being.

Public health specialists engage in various activities, from conducting studies on environmental impact to collaborating with governments to prevent disease outbreaks. They play a pivotal role in ensuring consistent access to healthcare services and guiding public health policies on a global scale.

The importance of public health educators and nurses is underscored as they educate peers and provide medical care and guidance to communities, respectively.

The subsequent section presents a compilation of the 15 best online public health courses, providing a comprehensive overview of accredited programs designed to enhance knowledge and expertise.

These courses cover a broad spectrum of topics, from health informatics to global health challenges, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of public health. Each program’s distinct features, such as flexibility in scheduling and delivery methods, further emphasize the accessibility and adaptability of public health education.

The article sheds light on the extensive scope of public health professionals’ responsibilities. It showcases a curated selection of reputable online courses that cater to individuals aspiring to broaden their understanding of public health concepts.

With its emphasis on addressing global health concerns and promoting the well-being of communities, the field of public health remains an indispensable pillar in maintaining a healthier and more resilient world. The availability of diverse and accessible online courses further enhances the opportunities for individuals to contribute effectively to this critical endeavor.


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