21 Best Free Online Coding Bootcamps

Today we’ve got some exciting news for you if you’re interested in coding and want to learn without spending a dime. In the ever-evolving world of technology, coding skills are highly sought after, and guess what?

There are some amazing free coding bootcamps available in 2024 that can help you kickstart or enhance your coding journey.

In this article, we’ll explore the 21 best free coding bootcamps where you can learn various programming languages, web development, app development, and more.

So, prepare to embark on an incredible learning adventure without breaking the bank. Let’s dive in and discover the world of free coding boot camps together.

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21 Best Free Coding Bootcamps in 2024

#1. Codecademy 

Codeacademy is one of the top free coding bootcamps you can earn coding from. With Codecademy, you can access over 40 free courses, including introductory courses that can help you choose which computer language to learn and comprehensive language learning programs.

There are assignments, tests, and AI-generated feedback in every class. Students get access to a community where they can make friends and ask for assistance from other students.

Even for complete beginners, Codecademy’s free plan is a terrific resource because it offers courses to assist newbies in determining their career and coding goals.

Join Codecademy Here

#2. Mississippi Coding Academies

Mississippi is another on our list of free coding bootcamps. The Mississippi Coding Academies are located in Jackson, Columbus, and Biloxi and are accessible to the people of Mississippi.

This full-stack development program significantly emphasizes developing soft skills and workplace preparation.

It involves visits to local employers to assist those from underprivileged communities. For eleven months, the boot camp requires a full-time commitment. 

Join Mississippi Coding Academies Here

#3. CodeOp

CodeOp, compelled online by the Covid-19 pandemic, provides free coding bootcamps for women, transgender persons, and people who identify as gender non-conforming.

This school focuses on supporting and mentoring students through small class sizes and establishing a comfortable learning environment.

Live sessions on HTML and CSS, JavaScript (basic and expert levels), Git, and Command-Line navigation are all part of their boot camp.

Join CodeOp Here

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#4. Per Scholas

Per Scholas is undoubtedly one of the best free coding bootcamps with a range of locations if you want to enroll in a boot camp but prefer in-person instruction. For individuals who favor online learning, it also provides those services.

Free courses have a full-time timetable that lasts for 14–15 weeks. After graduation, students receive two years of access to career assistance.

Join Per Scholas Here

#5. 42

42 is a free coding bootcamp with campuses in Silicon Valley and Paris. The school takes pride in the lack of teachers; instead, students learn from peers and mentors who are seasoned IT experts. This is a fantastic free coding bootcamp for those looking to study programming, coding, and software engineering.

Join 42 Here

#6. Ada Developers Academy 

Ada Developers Academy is a nonprofit organization that focuses mostly on assisting individuals who identify as female or transgender. An intense six-month classroom boot camp precedes a five-month internship with a partner organization at the academy.

But beginners are not intended for this course. Before applying to the school, students are advised to complete the Ada Build program, which teaches the basics of coding.

Those accepted into the program receive much assistance in the classroom and on an internship. In addition, students get a living allowance for their five-month internship. Additionally, some students may qualify for financial aid to help with living costs throughout the six-month classroom boot camp. 

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Join Ada Developers Academy Here

#7. The Data Incubator

Data Incubator is one of the free coding bootcamps out there. Programs in data science and data engineering are available through the Data Incubator. Experienced programmers who easily write code in Python and, ideally, another programming language work best at the Data Incubator.

The coursework is created to give students the highly specialized knowledge and abilities they need to become seasoned experts. 

Students who use the fellowship scholarship application process have the option of a free online coding boot camp. Each cohort has a set number of seats accessible for free in an online coding boot camp, and the scholarship is only open to full-time boot camp participants. 

Join The Data Incubator Here

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#8. Pursuit

A four-year full-stack development program, Pursuit, is available only to adults over 18 in the New York metro region who make less than $45,000 annually. All students have access to a Queens, New York, coworking space open around the clock, even though the classes are largely online. 

Although it appears like a long time, the program has two sections. The first year is dedicated to learning web development and coding, and the following three years are spent interning with a partner company. Although Pursuit is free to start, there is an income-sharing arrangement.

Therefore, you don’t pay anything until you find work that pays more than the set income.  

Join Pursuit Here

#9. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is another of our The freeCodeCamp curriculum is divided into certifications, and it takes about 300 hours to finish each certification program. These courses cover in-depth topics, including JavaScript algorithms, front-end programming libraries, and responsive web design.

A coding interview preparation course is available for students preparing for technical job interviews. However, the teachers at freeCodeCamp don’t offer much assistance during the courses. 

However, students do have access to the freeCodeCamp alumni network. Each certification includes a certificate for students who finish the coursework and pass the exam. 

 Click Here to Join freeCodeCamp

#10. Fullstack Academy Prep Program

Fullstack Academy offers a free coding bootcamp preparation for everyone interested in learning to write programs.

The course teaches students how to build the foundation to become effective programmers by covering full-stack JavaScript. Beginners and intermediate students can benefit greatly from this free online coding course. 

Additionally, Fullstack Academy provides affordable pre-coding boot camp training. For around $200, you may pick up the fundamental coding skills you need to enroll in a full-time boot camp program or continue learning the language independently. 

Fullstack Academy Prep Program

#11. Careers in Code

For women and people of color living under or close to the poverty line in the following New York counties: Cayuga County, Madison County, Oswego County, and Onondaga County, Careers in Code provides a free 24-week full-stack web development boot camp.

The hybrid program includes live classes in Syracuse. Students get individualized career counseling, stipends for living expenses, and loaner laptops (if required). Additionally, each student has access to a student success team committed to guiding them through the curriculum and toward a career in coding. 

Join Careers in Code Here

#12. Flatiron School 

Flatiron is an outstanding free coding BootCamp. The school offers four free preparatory courses in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design and a job preparedness program.

These courses will prepare you for a more rigorous boot camp, like Flatiron’s for-profit boot camp programs.

Although the programs have a rich curriculum, even total beginners can use them, and students can contact a Slack chat for assistance. However, since these are preparatory classes, they do not cover the same set of skills that a traditional boot camp. 

Click here to join Flatiron School

#13. Kenzie Free

Kenzie Free is a free coding bootcamp for those new to coding. Online access to the free self-paced coding course from Kenzie Academy is accessible. With Kenzie Free, aspiring programmers may gain knowledge from an elite boot camp without making any financial commitments.

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The training introduces JavaScript after covering the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Anyone interested in coding can learn more about it through the mini-courses offered by Kenzie Academy.

Through Kenzie’s free coding lessons, students gain useful skills and determine whether they want to pursue a career in technology.

Join Kenzie Free Here

#14. MIT OpenCourseWare

Why not attend MIT if you’re looking for free coding bootcamps? Most of their Introduction to Computer Science and Python Programming course is delivered through recorded lectures, with frequent problem sets and quizzes as the primary methods for putting what you’ve learned into practice. 

Even if the academic environment may not embody the “boot camp spirit,” the course’s goal of teaching you computation-based problem-solving skills is very beneficial for landing a job as a web developer.

Click here to join MIT OpenCourseWare

#15. The Odin Project

Odin is well known as one of the free coding bootcamps out there. The Odin Project is an open-source initiative created to give students a top-notch education in programming without charging them.

A foundations course that covers the fundamentals of web development is the first thing students take. The next option for students is full-stack JavaScript or Ruby on Rails. 

According to The Odin Project’s mission and core values, students should concentrate on obtaining the skills necessary for a career in programming; everything else will fall into place.

Because of this, there are no extraneous or gimmicky lessons in this program, and for pupils to get the most out of the curriculum, they must be self-starters. Students get access to a Discord group to engage with other students and expand their professional networks.

Each program, however, concludes with a course on career development and interview preparation. 

Click here to join The Odin Project

#16. Founders and Coders

This nonprofit company, headquartered in London, offers paid software developer apprenticeships and a complimentary three-month coding skills boot camp.

Their boot camp is one of the best free coding bootcamps that aims to provide you with everything you need to become a front-end developer, with the lofty goal of democratizing the tech sector.

The course will teach you the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, accessible web design, and JavaScript before moving on to testing and debugging techniques and interview preparation.

Remember that you must apply to attend this free part-time coding boot camp, and applications for its 2024 cohorts close seasonally. You’ll collaborate on their application materials through their clever Discord platform, which is excellent practice for working as a professional web developer.

Although offered electronically, if you want to continue their apprenticeship training, you must be able to commute to their London location and have the legal right to work in the UK.

Click here to Founders and Coders

#17. Resilient Coders

For Black, Native Americans, and other individuals of color from low-income backgrounds in the greater Boston or Philadelphia areas, Resilient Coders is a nonprofit online coding school.

They get compensated each week to encourage students to prioritize learning over everything else during the 20-week course. The boot camp imparts various software engineering skills and provides expert assistance to aid students in landing jobs following graduation.

Even though the program is only open to select students, those who qualify can take advantage of a thorough curriculum and career advice. 

Click here to join Resilient Coders

#18. App Academy Open

The 24-week software engineering boot camp at App Academy’s full curriculum is free under App Academy Open.

App Academy Open’s more than 500 hours of full-stack classes can be overwhelming, especially since you won’t receive the assistance or direction you would from the company’s standard boot camp.

However, the course catalog is extensive, encompassing all the knowledge necessary to become a full-stack developer, and it has a progress tracker to assist you in staying on track as you move through the curriculum.

Click here to apply to App Academy Open

#19. Upskill

Upskill is a free coding BootCamp. The free Upskill program offers lessons on fundamental web development abilities, JavaScript algorithm practice, and creating an in-browser game. Over 200 lessons are available in Upskill’s course library, and all of its classes are in video format.

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Upskill also has a premium edition that offers more difficult programming language and skill classes. 

However, little aid is available if you run into trouble or require assistance with a problem. The fact that the entire curriculum is in video format suggests that it might not be the greatest option for all learning styles.

The only career counseling provided on Upskill’s website is an ebook available to web developer course graduates and provides pointers and advice for landing software engineering positions. 

Click here to apply to Upskill

#20. Dash by General Assembly

Dash is a General Assembly online project-based course. The course emphasizes teaching the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and is in-browser. Dash is very engaging, simple to use, and excellent for beginners. It’s not the most complete way to learn web development, though.

Additionally, there is no assistance available for struggling students or career counseling. Dash is a fun method for picking up the fundamentals and deciding if coding is for you. But you’d need a more comprehensive platform to become a true software developer. 

Click here to Join Dash

#21. Skillcrush

The last on our list of free coding bootcamps is Skillcrush. The free curriculum from Skillcrush consists of eight introductory classes that teach the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, graphic design, JavaScript, and UX. Another section of Skillcrush discusses what it’s like to work in technology.

All of Skillcrush’s free introductory courses are extremely basic and primarily exist to persuade students to enroll in one of the company’s more in-depth boot camps. The free introductory courses don’t offer any career advice or assistance if you encounter problems.

You receive a discount on the boot camps in exchange for completing the introductory courses. 


FAQ on Free Online Coding Bootcamps

Is coding boot camp free?

All of the boot camps on this list are free to students and designed for career changers. Businesses and referral fees support some, while others are driven by community support and volunteers.

What is the difference between free and paid coding bootcamps?

What does a coding boot camp cost? Although hundreds of free and paid programs are already available, premium coding boot camps generally offer a much wider curriculum, individualized support, tutoring, and career placement assistance for the job search.

Is freeCodeCamp enough to get a job?

Going through freeCodeCamp is time well spent whether you want to upskill, learn a new language, or even simply get a refresher on something you don’t know how to do. But without serious effort, it won’t help you land a job.

Conclusion on Free Coding Bootcamps

There you have it, my friend! We’ve reached the end of our exploration into the 21 best free online coding bootcamps of 2024. These boot camps provide an incredible opportunity for you to learn and enhance your coding skills without any financial burden.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some coding experience, these free boot camps offer a wealth of resources, tutorials, and hands-on projects to help you master various programming languages and technologies. You’ll find a wide range of subjects from web development to data science, mobile app development, to cybersecurity.

By joining one of these boot camps, you’ll not only gain valuable coding skills but also have the chance to connect with a supportive community of like-minded learners and industry professionals. Remember to make the most of these programs’ interactive forums, mentorship opportunities, and collaborative projects.

So, if you’re passionate about coding and eager to advance your career in the tech industry, these free coding boot camps can be a game-changer. Take your time to explore the options, find the boot camp that aligns with your goals and interests, and embark on an exciting journey of learning and growth.

Don’t forget practice, perseverance, and a curious mindset are key to making the most of your coding boot camp experience. So, dive in, enjoy the process, and watch yourself become a coding maestro.

Feel free to reach out if you need further guidance or have any questions along the way. Wishing you all the best in your coding journey with these amazing free coding bootcamps in 2024.


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