15 Best Coding Bootcamps in San Francisco | Complete List

Coding bootcamps in San Francisco are prominent among the country’s most active startup environments. Many ambitious developers settle in San Francisco after graduating from a San Francisco bootcamp.

Hack Reactor, CodePath, and Nucamp are among the best coding bootcamps in San Francisco.

Because San Francisco is the American tech capital, students can easily attend tech meetups at bootcamp–for example, see a TED talk or a Girl Develop It meetup! Code Stack Academy is a female-only engineering fellowship that specializes in Python and Django.

Benefits of Coding Bootcamps in San Francisco.

Here are what you stand to gain when you attend enroll at any of the coding bootcamps in San Francisco;

City’s Location: San Francisco’s career opportunities are continuously expanding, as is the industry’s demand for talented coders. Coding bootcamp alumni frequently find work in the area.

Professional educators: Students at coding bootcamps in San Francisco have the advantage of learning from industry professionals. Employers know what instructors desire and pass that information on to their pupils.

Mentors and counselors: Many San Francisco bootcamps assign mentors and counselors to students to assist them in thriving in the program. These are frequently professionals with ties to IT.

Thorough education: Coding bootcamps often teach students various programming languages and prepare them for work in their chosen area.

Progressive curriculum: In the Bay Area, coding bootcamps are often developed with current market trends in mind. The curriculum of the coding bootcamp evolves in tandem with the market.

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15 Best Coding Bootcamps in San Francisco

The following are the top coding bootcamps in San Francisco; you need to check them out.

  1. Hackbright Academy
  2. Berkeley Boot Camps
  3. Techtonica
  4. Product Faculty
  5. TECH.I.S
  6. CodePath
  7. Data Application Lab
  8. Code Stack Academy
  9. Code Tenderloin
  10. Intela Education
  11. Square Code Camp
  12. Santa Clara University Bootcamps by Quickstart
  13. Interview Kickstart
  14. Rithm School
  15. Nucamp

#1. Hackbright Academy 

Hackbright Academy, founded in 2012, is a software engineering school for gender equality with campuses in San Francisco, Dallas, and Lehi. The academy offers online and in-person classes throughout the United States.

The school offers a 12-week immersive full-time software engineering program as well as a 43-week part-time program that both cover fundamentals of computer science and modern web development such as Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Git, pair programming, etc.

The part-time program covers the same material as the intensive program but is geared toward students who need to work. Hackbright also provides a four-week part-time prep course that teaches programming fundamentals and a week-long intensive prep session. 

Click here to study at Hackbright Academy

#2. Berkeley Bootcamps

Berkeley Bootcamps is a coding bootcamp in San Francisco that provide 12-week full-time and 24-week part-time web development courses, 24-week data analytics, UX/UI, cybersecurity, and 18-week digital marketing and technology project management courses.

Their complete Stack program covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.js, Node.js, databases, MongoDB, MySQL, and Git.

However, their Data program covers Excel, Python, R programming, JavaScript charting, HTML/CSS, API interactions, SQL, Tableau, fundamental statistics, machine learning, and other computer languages. Collaborate closely with other professionals while gaining hands-on experience.

Click here to study at Berkeley Boot Camps.

#3. Techtonica

Techtonica (financially supported by Social Good Fund) is one of those San Francisco coding bootcamps that offers free tech training, living and childcare stipends, computers, job placement, and job search assistance to low-income women and non-binary adults in the United States.

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Techtonica’s full-time, 24-week software engineering curriculum includes virtual training and six months of placement or job search assistance. Participants are allocated mentors and work alongside a large number of experienced volunteers.

The workshop focuses on full-stack web development with JavaScript and includes hands-on projects produced in collaboration with other participants. The last month of training is tailored to prepare participants for job placement with Techtonica partners.

Click here to study at Techtonica.

#4. Product Faculty

Product Faculty is one of those coding bootcamps in San Francisco that offers an 8-week part-time course in product management. The course includes PM Foundations, product strategy, roadmaps, agile techniques, business, data, UX skills, and advanced product management content.

Students will receive one-on-one mentoring from teachers with over eight years of product industry expertise throughout and after the course. In each lesson, students can learn from skilled guest speakers from the IT sector product space.

Product Faculty envisions equipping product managers with the product ethos needed to succeed in the economy of the future.

Students will get access to top tech startups and product cases and receive resume critiques and simulated interviews to assist them in strategically applying their previous experience to a product. This will help students acquire a job in product management. 

Click here to study at Product Faculty.

#5. TECH.I.S

TECH.I.S provides comprehensive 12-week online Web Development and Data Science bootcamps. Students in these full-time programs must attend daily standup meetings and work at least 20 hours per week.

Students in a Web Development bootcamp learn HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, SQL, React, and Node.js.

Git, testing, planning, and frameworks are also covered in the program.

Data Science students are taught predictive analytics using Python, machine learning, data visualization, natural language processing, and big data technologies. 

Click here to study at TECH.I.S.

#6. CodePath

Timothy Lee and Nathan Esquenazi, two IT enthusiasts passionate about education, founded CodePath. Their program combines online classes with in-person workshops in San Francisco, California.

CodePath believes in the value of hands-on projects, an open curriculum, and live teachers. CodePath provides free six-week online courses in Introduction to Java, Introduction to Objective-C, Android Bootcamp, and iOS Bootcamp.

They also provide two-hour in-person introductions to iOS and Android, making them on our list of top coding bootcamps in San Francisco.

Click here to study at CodePath.

#7. Data Application Lab 

Data Application Lab is a full-time 19-week online data science bootcamp also located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley. According to Data Application Lab, there is a large gap/lag between industry practical needs and academic instruction.

To bridge the gap promptly, Data Application Lab introduces cutting-edge technology and tools in industries through practical lab projects, allowing every student in our program to understand our lectures through hands-on experience completely.

This bootcamp welcomes many seasoned engineers to assist students in gaining a thorough understanding of data science. Professionals with industry experience are also hired to answer queries and help students with their studies.

The school’s Hadoop/Spark cluster is open to each trainee seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to provide a better study environment. Data Application Lab offers Java/SAS/SQL programming classes to students with little or no computer science background.

In addition, the school offers a 10-week internship or end-to-end project to provide students with hands-on experience.

Click here to study at Data Application Lab.

#8. Code Stack Academy 

Code Stack Academy is a 9-month coding bootcamp in San Francisco. The school produces a thriving community of talented software engineers able to fulfill the demands of employers and, ultimately, change the technology landscape in Stockton and the larger San Joaquin County.

The Code Stack Academy course combines instructor-led hands-on workshops, one-on-one mentoring with career-experienced developers, peer-to-peer learning, and real-world project experience to give students an outstanding experience in camp.

The program employs project-based gamification to track progress, in which students receive points for completing assignments.

Students will be taught by Jateen Bhakta, an experienced instructor who co-founded Ninja Pandas, an educational technology company specializing in teaching game development.

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Click here to study at Code Stack Academy.

#9. Code Tenderloin

Code Tenderloin provides online coding bootcamps in San Francisco for Code Ramp (6 weeks), Code Ramp ++ (6 weeks), and SOAR Sales (4 weeks).

They also provide a 3-day online job preparedness class to help participants improve their self-perception and demystify the modern workplace to acquire long-term employment. All Code Tenderloin bootcamps and job preparedness workshops are entirely free of charge. 

Code Tenderloin offers a 3-week Pre-Code Ramp bootcamp for students new to coding, including an introduction to HTML and CSS.

Students at Code Ramp will study JavaScript and fundamental programming concepts. If desired, the Code Ramp++ bootcamp students will explore JavaScript and be prepared to progress to a software engineering bootcamp. 

Click here to study at Code Tenderloin.

#10. Intela Education

Intela Education offers a full-time, four-day data science course in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, California, and Calgary, Canada. This hands-on course covers data science principles, Python, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Apache Spark, and other topics.

This coding bootcamp in San Francisco aims to deliver machine learning and data science skills to students worldwide to assist in fostering top talent and provide collaboration opportunities.

Integrated Technologies Laboratory (Intela) allows students to use cutting-edge platforms for all computing demands during the course.

Applicants must be comfortable programming in Python and have completed Intela Education’s Python 101 course.

Click here to study at Intela Education.

#11. Square Code Camp

Square hosts Code Camp every year to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of women in technology.

Recognizing the ecosystem’s scarcity of outstanding female developers, Code Camp welcomes college students and grads to enhance their coding abilities, receive professional insight, and develop leadership skills in a connected and friendly environment.

Square covers housing and flights, and applicants must study Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a similar technical field. In addition, Code Camp offers an 8-month high school program for prospective engineers.

Click here to study at Square Code Camp.

#12. Santa Clara University Bootcamps by Quickstart

The Silicon Valley Executive Center at Santa Clara University offers non-credit online coding bootcamps in San Francisco in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cloud Engineering, Cybersecurity, Data Science & Analytics, and Software Engineering.

Online students will work on real-world IT projects, collaborate with their peers, and create a portfolio demonstrating their career preparedness.  

The 24-week Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Bootcamp is a fast-paced curriculum designed to train the next generation of AI and machine learning experts.

Students graduate from the program equipped for careers such as machine learning researcher, quantitative researcher, research analyst, AI and machine learning developer, and machine learning data science engineer, thanks to capstone projects and hands-on laboratories. 

Click here to study at Santa Clara University Bootcamps by Quickstart.

#13. Interview Kickstart 

Interview Kickstart is a part-time, 12- to 15-week online training program that helps software developers ace technical interviews at FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) and Tier-1 firms.

This coding bootcamp in San Francisco helps students reinforce their programming basics while becoming better engineers, preparing them for rigorous technical interviews at top employers. 

Students can select from 18 distinct domain-specific courses based on their career path. Data Structures and Algorithms, Distributed Systems, Design, Domain-Specific Concepts, and Behavioral Interviews are all covered in the course curriculum.

Students will be assisted in enhancing their LinkedIn profiles and utilizing LinkedIn to get FAANG interviews. 

Click here to study at Interview Kickstart.

#14. Rithm School

Rithm School provides a 4-month full-stack web development course offered full-time and remotely. Their sessions are now held remotely, despite Rithm School in San Francisco.

The Rithm School curriculum concentrates on JavaScript and Python but includes popular topics such as React, TypeScript, Node, Flask, Express, and computer science basics.

Students receive hands-on assistance and the high-touch teaching and real-world project experience required to become great software engineers.

Rithm School was developed to address a void in the bootcamp industry: sessions are limited to 20 people, allowing students to receive one-on-one instruction from experienced software engineers and educators.

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Click here to study at Rithm School.

#15. Nucamp

Nucamp is an online coding bootcamp in San Francisco that offers part-time programs such as Back End, SQL, DevOps with Python (16 weeks), Front End Web & Mobile Development (17 weeks), and Full Stack Web & Mobile Development (22 weeks).

This bootcamp also provides a 4-week HTML, CSS, and JavaScript foundations bootcamp. Nucamp aims to make high-quality education available and affordable to all.

The online bootcamps offer both self-paced and actively mentored study, and each cohort has no more than 15 students with a dedicated instructor. 

Admission is accessible to anybody over 18 (some states demand a high school diploma or GED). Fill out Nucamp’s online registration form to enroll in a bootcamp. 

Click here to study at Nucamp

Why Take Coding Classes at a San Francisco Bootcamp?

San Francisco is a hub for IT firms. One of the reasons for its continuous growth, particularly in the IT sector, is its closeness to Silicon Valley. Companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook are all based in this area, which is why San Francisco bootcamps are so appealing.

According to Statista, San Francisco has the second-highest number of bootcamp graduates in the United States. Furthermore, employment rates are good, and students get recruited soon after graduation.

The expansion of tech careers in San Francisco has made it a highly sought-after location. Many people are now coming to San Francisco tech companies for work and finding success by taking coding training at San Francisco coding bootcamps. 

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How Much Does a San Francisco Coding Bootcamps Cost?

A full-service bootcamp in San Francisco costs between $10,000 and $24,000. If you want to learn a whole set of skills and receive proper preparation for your job search, you should expect to pay five figures for a San Francisco bootcamp.

Most San Francisco coding bootcamps offer shorter, less intensive courses at a lesser cost, although these are less rigorously career-focused.

According to Career Karma’s Bootcamp Market Report, the average cost of a San Francisco coding bootcamp is comparable to the national average of $12,953.

Most San Francisco bootcamps offer loans, payment plans, deferred tuition agreements, and code bootcamp scholarships to help students afford the cost of their programs.


How Long Are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps typically last 3-6 months for full-time students. However, depending on the subject, they can extend up to a year at some schools. Part-time students may take twice as long to complete their studies.

How Hard Is a Coding Bootcamp?

Most students find coding bootcamps difficult. These applications cram a lot of information into a short time. Because many bootcamp students are acquiring new skills as part of a planned job move, most of the content is novel. However, teachers can assist, and many programs include tutoring and mentoring opportunities.

Are Coding Bootcamps Accredited?

Coding bootcamps operate outside the United States Department of Education’s postsecondary education accreditation system. As a result, it might not be easy to ensure that you are enrolling in a high-quality college. The CIRR touts itself as a trustworthy alternative and holds partner schools to a set of standards, but bootcamps are not forced to join.

Are Coding Bootcamps for Beginners?

Many colleges create coding bootcamps for students without coding or technological knowledge. They frequently have admissions standards mostly consisting of general aptitude tests rather than specialized technical skills. Admission requirements for online and part-time coding bootcamps in San Francisco are typically lower.


It is difficult to change occupations and learn a new set of skills. On the other hand, these top coding bootcamps in San Francisco are the ideal solution, providing an atmosphere where you may learn, experiment, make errors, and then learn from them without criticism or pressure.

They’re an excellent way to determine whether a career in web development is right for you without investing so much that your decision is irreversible. 

Hopefully, this guide gave you a better idea of what to search for and some potential coding bootcamps in San Francisco.



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