15 Best Coding Bootcamps for Kids to Join: Choose Right

Finding the best coding bootcamps for kids might be a difficult challenge. There are numerous options available, which causes uncertainty and makes determining where to begin and what works best for your child difficult.

We’ve compiled a list of the best coding bootcamps for kids and teens to help you discover a course of study for your children to improve their coding abilities while exploring their creative curiosity and developing their brains, regardless of age or previous coding experience.

Today, online education, gaming, and business are increasing in popularity, which has greatly raised the demand for skilled coders in the current employment market, and this number is expected to rise further in the approaching years.

Considering this, innovative companies such as Create & Learn offer coding bootcamps for kids and teens. This article has compiled a list of the top fifteen coding bootcamps for kids in 2024.

What is Coding for Kids?

Coding for kids refers to the opportunity for children to participate in coding. These possibilities are designed to be enjoyable and gamified to engage children’s minds. Coding may be called “programming” or “computer programming.”

While it may be impossible to envision a youngster learning anything so hard, coding can be a reality for children thanks to the numerous coding summer camps, websites, coding tutors, after-school programs, and toys available.

Coding is not always the stereotypical ” computer science” you or your children may shun. Coding is simply how we communicate with computers and construct and run websites, apps, games, and other applications.

You need to set goals to help you improve your social life. Quickly look at Social Emotional Learning Goals for Students to Make an Impact in the World.

Is Coding Good for Kids?

Time has passed since the idea of coding for kids gained traction, but we still hear STEM education statistics, such as 3.5 million STEM jobs going unfulfilled by 2025.

71% of all new STEM employment is in computing, yet just 11% of STEM grads are in computer science grads. People continue to question if coding is difficult to learn. In other words, plenty of computer science employment is available, and they pay well.

What’s more, it’s not simply the jobs (this would be a much shorter blog article if that were the case). But also the creativity, problem-solving, cooperation, communication, and other abilities children might develop as a result of learning to code.

How Can I Get My Child to Code

There are numerous approaches to teaching your kid to code. Every summer, we see it develop from Silicon Valley camps to Singapore. 

So, let’s start by concentrating on moving forward. It doesn’t have to be a huge step, and you don’t have to be the one in charge of teaching coding. One major step is to send them to any coding bootcamps for children we shall discuss.

It should be a minor step for now, and you can seek assistance from various places. The crucial thing is that your child makes progress with each move.

Here we have bootcamps for teens with behavioral challenges; take a look: 15 Best BootCamps For Troubled Teens: The Better Alternative to Summer Boot Camps.

15 Best Coding Bootcamps for Kids Near Me

Here are the best coding bootcamps for kids;

  1. Minecraft Redstone Engineering
  2. Internet Safety for Kids
  3. Python for AI
  4. Scratch Ninja
  5. Junior Robotics
  6. Unity Game Development
  7. Computer Science Principles (AP Level)
  8. Minecraft Modding Quest
  9. Java Primer with Android Class
  10. Website Coding Class
  11. App Academy
  12. Coding Dojo
  13. Coding Starter Pathway
  14. Smart Devices: Arduino for Kids
  15. Young Kids’ Art Camp
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#1. Minecraft Redstone Engineering 

Minecraft is one of the coding bootcamps for kids that you need to consider. It provides a fun live virtual class where kids can use more advanced blocks like Redstone, pistons, and observer blocks to make holiday lights, automatic doors, and even flying vehicles inside Minecraft.

Your child will also learn about real-world engineering and computer science concepts such as how sensors and circuits work, time controls, and binary. It takes learning to a whole new level of enjoyment for young children.  

Click here to join Minecraft Redstone Engineering.

#2. Internet Safety for Kids

Internet Safety is next on our list of top coding bootcamps for kids. Do your kids know what information they should and should not post on social media or video games?

Teenagers are more connected than ever, but do they know how to use the Internet safely and securely?

Students enrolling in this class will learn about computer security, modern computers, and the Internet. They’ll enjoy entertaining films, games, security tools, and their building projects.

Click here to join Internet Safety for Kids.

#3. Python for AI

Python is an excellent place to start if your child wants to learn more complex code writing and computer science programming languages.

This coding bootcamps for kids is a simple step up from block coding. Students will use simple text-based coding to construct their projects and animations.

It makes learning a programming language enjoyable. It is considered one of the best coding bootcamps for kids in 2024.

Click here to join Python for Kids.

#4. Scratch Ninja

Scratch is a user-friendly language MIT created, one of the best methods to start coding. Because it is block-based, it allows children to concentrate on logic while avoiding untidy typing. Children can create interactive stories, games, and animations within their first session.

This Scratch bootcamp is unique because students create a great game in each session. Scratch Ninja is one of the best coding bootcamps for kids.

Click here to join Scratch Ninja.

#5. Vex Junior Robotics

This Vex robotics virtual world-class d bootcamps for kids teaches students how to code for robotics through exciting, hands-on projects.

Students will learn how to navigate robots in a virtual world and, through various real-world scenarios, better grasp how robots can address problems. It has been named one of the best coding bootcamps for kids in 2024.

Click here to join Junior Robotics.

#6. Unity Game Development

Have you ever wondered how pros create games with such advanced features and aesthetics? They use game engines, the best of which is Unity.

This Unity coding bootcamps for kids series teaches kids the fundamentals of creating 2D and 3D games in Unity. It covers various topics, including character control, coding (in C#), and asset management.

Click here to join Unity Game Development.

#7. Computer Science Principles (AP Level)

Kids in this coding bootcamp for kids learn Computer Science Principles program and can explore various critical core computer science topics such as binary, encryption, networking, and more. It is an excellent first step in learning about computer systems and architecture.

Click here to join Computer Science Principles.

#8. Minecraft Modding Quest

Minecraft Modding Quest has been named one of the best bootcamps for kids in 2024. Teenagers will control agents to solve problems while interacting with various in-game characters in this interesting coding bootcamp.

They will comprehend fundamental coding concepts such as loops, operations, conditionals, events, functions, and variables. As students gain confidence in their coding abilities, they create increasingly sophisticated structures and mini-games.

Click here to join Minecraft Modding Quest.

#9. Java Primer with Android Class

The Java class focuses on developing skills that will allow for future investigation in Java. Each session actively engages kids in developing real-world mobile applications for Android platforms using Java.

Students will learn and apply Java and mobile development fundamentals to real-world problems. Because of the small class size, students will receive the individualized attention and assistance essential for computer science success.

Click here to join Java Primer with Android Class.

#10. Website Coding Class

Begin building your first website from the ground up. It will teach you everything you need to know about the inner workings of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

This live online session covers everything from developing web pages to understanding how the Internet works and learning more about the various layers of business players that make up the Internet economy.

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Kids learn JavaScript and create websites with dynamic content that responds to viewer interactions.

Click here to join Website Coding Class.

#11. App Academy

App Academy is one of those bootcamps for kids that will teach kids everything they need to know about the inner workings of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

This live online session covers everything from developing web pages to understanding how the Internet works and learning more about the various layers of business players that make up the Internet economy.

Kids learn JavaScript and create websites with dynamic content that responds to viewer interactions.

Click here to join App Academy.

#12. Coding Dojo

This bootcamp for kids also offers classes in cybersecurity, full-stack programming, UX/UI design, software development, and data science. It is a completely online education that offers both full-time and part-time options. The cost of this program begins at $8,745. 

Click here to join Coding Dojo.

#13. Coding Starter Pathway 

The Starter Pathway is a great way to get started with coding and game design. The program combines the most popular online bootcamps for kids, Minecraft and Scratch.

In this Scratch Ninja course, kids will learn to code through progressively more difficult hands-on sessions in which they will construct their games and tales using beginner-friendly block coding.

Once they’ve-they’ve mastered the fundamentals, they’ll progress to Minecraft Modding Quest, where they’ll learn how to design their elements in a game they enjoy. This is one of the reasons Minecraft is such an effective coding bootcamp for kids.

Click here to join Coding Starter Pathway.

#14. Smart Devices: Arduino for Kids

Aside from coding, computer science entails studying the electronic components and technology that enable computers and the Internet. Electronics of many kinds surround us, yet few people get the opportunity to construct a system utilizing circuit boards, CPUs, and wires.

Arduino is a popular programming device for kids who wish to learn about robotics, electronic circuits, and other fascinating structures that operate behind the hood of their computers.

This is where the rubber meets the road for kids who enjoy playing with computers. They use an Arduino emulator, so no physical device is required. However, an Arduino starting kit can be purchased online.

Click here to join Smart Devices: Arduino for Kids.

#15. Young Kids’ Art Camp

Young Kids’ Art Camp is last but not least on our list of bootcamps for kids. Your child will use digital tools to create a different art project in each live online digital art bootcamp session, such as castle architecture, optical illusions, stop motion video, digital art design, and more.

Their educators encourage students to investigate and appreciate the creative qualities of their surroundings, such as patterns, symmetry, and perspective, and to use art to express their emotions and feelings.

Click here to join Young Kids’ Art Camp.

Benefits of Coding for Kids

Here is why children need to learn to code. 

#1. Programmers are in High Demand

As previously said, 67% of all new STEM employment is in computing. However, just 11% of STEM grads are in computer science, according to Code.org. There is a severe scarcity of computer science majors.

#2. Upper Hand When Applying for Internships and Jobs.

If you have a hot skill that many of your peers do not, such as coding, you will appear more desirable in the eyes of future college admissions officers and employers. Simple as that.

#3. Students Who Know How to Code Better Understand the World Around Them.

Most of us have no idea what powers our cell phones, laptops, social media networks, and video games. Basic programming knowledge can alter how we engage with the technologies we use (and take for granted) daily and open our eyes to the unlimited possibilities of code.

#4. Coding is Enjoyable and Fulfilling.

While programming is a logic-based activity, it is also very creative. With the necessary skills, you may create any program, code games, websites, and more.

The challenge and thrill of watching codes come to life after a solid debugging session is part of the allure of coding for many engineers. But don’t be fooled–with the correct education, starting with programming can be simple and enjoyable.

#5. Coding Enhances Creativity

You study a language to express yourself. The same is true for code. Computer coding enables children to consume and produce digital media and technology.

Instead of simply playing a video game or utilizing an app, they can imagine creating their own video game or designing their website or app—and they will have an avenue for expression.

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#6. Coding Helps With Solving Issues 

When children code, they split down difficult issues into smaller bits. Kids learn what it’s like to tackle an issue logically and computationally, as a software developer does.

As Dan Crow, CTO of Songkick, explains, “Computational thinking teaches you how to tackle large problems by breaking them down into a sequence of smaller, more manageable problems.” This logical reasoning is valuable in school, business, and life.

#7. Coding Boosts Perseverance

Learning to code, like learning any new skill, is difficult. As a result, dealing with complex problems and making mistakes along the way can be extremely irritating.

Coding imparts the important ability of perseverance in the face of such difficulties. This highly valued skill is developed through learning how to problem solve and seek solutions through study and teamwork.

#8. Coding Facilitates Collaboration

Every student can learn to code. Children of any ethnicity, gender, or background can learn alongside others. Kids connect and learn how to cooperate with diverse peers passionate about technology.

Classrooms and other physical settings, such as iD Tech, bring children together for face-to-face communication. Kids who learn online can also grow by asking each other questions and working together to solve problems and create things.

Many games, such as Minecraft, are deemed ” good for you” since they provide many educational benefits and involve coding, cooperation, and participation—with peers worldwide.

#9. Coding Facilitates Communication

Communication is a necessary ability in school, business, and life. People who can convey complicated ideas in simple terms are more likely to succeed in various sectors and areas of life.

When children learn to code, they learn to speak with the most basic of audiences: computers. As previously stated, computer coding teaches children how to break complicated ideas down and arrange them in a way computers can understand.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Bootcamp for Your Kid 

You need to consider the following factors when choosing coding bootcamps for kids.

#1. Basic Knowledge and Understanding

It is critical for an organization to first teach the fundamentals. This is the most important part of a solid foundation. You may learn to code, but first, you must comprehend the problem you are attempting to solve and devise a solution to that problem.

#2. Right Language

Many people believe coding is difficult to grasp and learn; however, this is not true. To learn to code, you must begin at the beginning and with fundamental languages such as JavaScript and Python. These languages are simple to learn and use. 

#3. Learn with Fun

Bootcamps for kids offer numerous fun activities and projects that will help your child learn to code while having fun, and they will like working on the projects. You can also acquire a coding tool set with various components for your child to develop exciting projects independently. 

#4. Learning Together

At bootcamps for kids, your child can learn alongside other children their age with similar interests, ask similar questions, and share their ideas. They feel more at ease around them and are more likely to seek assistance. A little friendly competition is also an excellent way to learn. 

If you are in the US, UK, or Canada, these bootcamps are for you: 21 Tech Bootcamps with Job Placement in USA, UK, & Canada.


What age should a child start coding?

Early elementary school is the best time for youngsters to learn code. Coding helps to plant seeds for future complex knowledge by strengthening cognitive skills. We are confident that the best age for youngsters to start learning to code is 6-7.

Who is the youngest person to learn to code?

The youngest person to learn coding is Saion Gupta, and he was just 12 years and 254 days old when he set the record in November 2022.

How do I get my child into coding?

Begin with a basic course in simple code, such as Scratch, and progress to more advanced bootcamps for kids for classes in JavaScript and Java. Live teaching sessions and games are a great way to get started with coding.

Should I learn coding in 2024?

The demand for programmers is only growing. Developers are in high demand as the world shifts to a digital-first mindset. Learning to code in 2024 is a good option if you want a stable career.


As more children become interested in studying, coding bootcamps for kids are becoming increasingly popular. These can be a terrific method to assist your child in learning to code and use technology.

Many bootcamps, ranging from robotics to game development to cyber security, are available, so you’ll likely find one that best meets your child’s interests and abilities. 

Kids learn to develop websites, apps, games, and more through hands-on activities and projects. Most kids will have completed several projects they can be proud of by the end of their bootcamps.

Your youngster can learn the skills and information required to compete in the digital age by attending the correct bootcamp.


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