Berkeley College Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

Check out this article to know the Berkeley college acceptance rate and advice on how to get into Berkeley college if you are now contemplating Ivy League colleges while you are comparing colleges.

To give you an idea of what it takes to successfully finish the admissions process, we’ll provide you with comprehensive information about Berkeley’s criteria. 

We’ll talk about how difficult it is to get accepted as well as the Berkeley college acceptance rate. For our best advice on how to be admitted to Berkeley, keep reading.

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What to know about Berkeley College?  

When it comes to admissions, Berkeley college is a fairly selective institution. 

In order to meet the standards for admission to this top-tier public college, prospective students must go through a demanding application process. 

The college’s choice to admit you will also be heavily influenced by your prior academic performance.

The second-best public college in the world, Berkeley college also boasts a thriving foreign student body. 

Admission to the university is considerably more competitive as a result of this global ranking. 

Your academic standing is heavily weighed by Berkeley and can make or break your overall candidacy. 

You must also choose your major from among the 100 majors provided by the university’s six colleges when you apply to Berkeley. 

The College of Letters and Science, Rausser College of Natural Resources, College of Engineering, College of Chemistry, College of Environmental Design, and Haas School of Business are among the colleges that make up Berkeley College.

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What is the Berkeley College Acceptance Rate in 2023?  

According to Berkeley college, the acceptance rate is roughly 17.5 percent. 

The institution also received a total of 112,854 applications for the autumn of 2021, and 16,412 of them were accepted. 

This approval percentage demonstrates the importance of having a unique application and going above and beyond the minimum standards.

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What is Berkeley College Transfer Acceptance Rate? 

At Berkeley college, the acceptance rate for transfers is about 25%.

For non-transfer students, the acceptance percentage is typically about 17%.

What’s more, a startling 95% of the 5,000 or so transfer students Berkeley accepts annually are coming from a California community college.

Berkeley has separately decided to give priority to students coming from the California community college system even though the state requires that a significant proportion of transfer students be admitted each year.

This average acceptance rate for transfer students does, however, naturally vary by field of study. 

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Is Berkeley College hard to get into? 

Despite not being the most rigorous when it comes to its admissions procedure, Berkeley college can still be regarded as very exclusive, whereas Ivy League schools continue to retain a very selective admissions process. 

The acceptance percentage for the class of 2021 was 14.5 percent. This indicates that it is currently very difficult to get into Berkeley college and that this difficulty will only persist over time.

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Does Berkeley College Require Test Scores in 2023? 

Admission test results must be included with your application. Berkeley college is not a test-optional institution.

SAT Requirements 

The top 11% of SAT test takers are often preferred by Berkeley college for admission. 

Under 1310 on a 1600-point scale, the institution routinely accepts SAT composite scores, and admission should be regarded as unlikely. 

Some students, in our estimation, might be accepted with SAT scores as low as 1200. 

For freshmen accepted, the average SAT composite score is 1420 out of 1600. Berkeley college has the highest average SAT composite score in the US, coming in at #45 overall and #5 in California. 

Given that 79 percent of candidates submit SAT scores to the school, having a competitive SAT score is essential.

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ACT Requirements 

According to admissions data, Berkeley college consistently accepts applicants with ACT scores of 30 and above. 

The top 7 percent of all applicants often transmit their ACT scores. 

We believe that in some cases, the minimum ACT composite score accepted by the school is around 28. 

Students who submit an ACT composite of 32 or above should rank in the top half of applicants, and those with a score of 35 or higher have excellent odds. 

The school has the greatest average ACT composite score in the country, coming in at #33 overall and #4 in California. Berkeley College receives ACT scores from fifty percent of applicants.

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GPA Requirements 

A weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.25 to 4.61 was recorded by the admissions committee for 50% of the admitted students of the 2021 admissions cycle. 

If a freshman student wants to apply, they must have at least a 3.0 GPA in all A-G courses they took in grades 10 and 11.

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What are the Admission Requirements for Berkeley College in 2023? 

In order to be considered for admission to Berkeley, you must first understand the additional application standards that must be met in addition to the Berkeley college acceptance rate.

Students must meet the following basic requirements before applying to Berkeley:

  • Meet the prerequisites for A-G subject courses.
  • Have completed A-G courses in the 10th and 11th grades of high school with a 3.0 GPA (3.4 GPA required for non-residents)
  • Either take the SAT reasoning test or the ACT test.  

Remember that, given Berkeley college acceptance rate record, the minimal qualifications are not often thought to be sufficient. 

Each applicant is given a thorough evaluation of their academic performance by the school. This takes into account the following:

  • Your UC grade point average, both weighted and unweighted (calculated using 10th and 11th-grade UC-approved courses only)
  • Your intended course load for 12th grade
  • Your overall grade history
  • Your level of achievement in those courses in comparison to other applicants at your school. The number of college preparatory, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), honors, and transferable college courses you have completed.
  • Your AP or IB exam results
  • Your results on the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT Assessment Plus Writing.

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How to Apply to Berkeley College

Just over 50% of candidates are accepted by Berklee College of Music, which has a selective admissions process. 

The majority of qualified candidates have high school GPAs that are above average and a demanding course load that includes AP, IB, and Honors classes. 

Standardized exam results and application essays are not necessary for Berklee applicants, but everyone must attend an interview and a live audition. 

Additional submission options for candidates include resumes, letters of recommendation, recordings, and SAT/ACT scores.

What are the Alternatives to Berkeley College?

  • New York University, 
  • Yale University, 
  • The Juilliard School, and 
  • New England Conservatory of Music.

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Students from all over the world are drawn to Berkeley college for a variety of reasons. 

Ambitious high school students are drawn to the school by its rigorous academic environment, accomplished alumni and programs, and prime location.

Accepting the possibilities that are presented to you in your school and community is a crucial step in demonstrating your character and the potential you will bring to campus.

It’s essential to start working on your college application as early as possible in order to give yourself enough time to develop a personal profile that highlights your abilities, values, and potential.

They are available to help you create an application that demonstrates the precise qualities that make you a good fit for Berkeley college. 

To get started on your path to the college of your dreams, work on your application process and required exams!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Berkeley College prefer the SAT or ACT? 

Berkeley college receives SAT scores from 79% of students. When applying, 50% of applicants include their ACT scores.

What is my chance of getting into Berkeley College? 

Only 17% of applicants are accepted to Berkeley College. The college has stringent entrance standards and fierce admissions competition.

What SAT score is required for Berkeley College? 

Applicants with SAT scores in the middle (50% of those accepted had scores between 1310 and 1530) When applying, 79% of students include their SAT results.

What ACT score is required for Berkeley College? 

The center On the ACT, 50% of admitted candidates fall. 50% of applicants provide their ACT results. 

Where is UC Berkeley located? 

The enormous campus of UC Berkeley is the oldest and biggest in the University of California network. 
It covers a total of 1,232 acres across Berkeley, which is situated between a swath of numerous regional parks and preserves and San Francisco Bay. 
The majority of its academic buildings are located on the 178 acres of its main campus, which is close to the city’s downtown. 
Recreational possibilities abound for UC Berkeley students with sunny beaches only an hour away and winter mountains just three hours away.



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