Barcelona School of Economics Awards Scholarship to High-Achieving Students

Barcelona School of Economics Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship currently open to international students. The Barcelona School of Economics Scholarship has both the fully-funded and tuition waiver options depending on your credentials. Master’s students get an average of 800,000€ in merit-based support each year. Around 36% of enrolled students receive full or partial financial aid for their education.

Level/Field of Study

This scholarship is open to international students who want to study for their masters in Economics and Finance, Specialized Economic Analysis, or Data Science.

Host Nationality/Eligible Country

This Barcelona School of Economics Scholarship is supported by the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics in Spain. There is no restriction on eligible countries. As long as you are a legal citizen of your country, you are allowed to sign up for this scholarship.

Eligibility for the Barcelona School of Economics Scholarship

This scholarship is a merit-based scholarship. It is open to graduates with an outstanding academic record.

Requirements to Apply for the Barcelona School of Economics Scholarship

The following are documents required to enable you to apply for this scholarship and stand a good chance to be selected.

  1. Undergraduate transcripts or mark sheets 
  2. Undergraduate diploma/proof of degree completion
  3. International passport
  4. Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
  5. Statement of Purpose 
    1. Single Offer Option: upload a statement of purpose for your first option only.
    2. Multiple Offer Option: upload a separate statement of purpose for each of your options.
  6. Proof of English language knowledge. IELTS Academic Test (6,5), TOEFL (90), Duolingo English Test (minimum score 115), and Cambridge Exams (Proficiency A-C; Advance A-C) are accepted.
  7. If you are applying to the PhD Track Program, you are required to submit a GRE score.
  8. Letters of recommendation from 2 referees. I advise that at least one of them should be from academia, most preferably your lecturer.


Letters should be submitted on official letterhead and signed by your referees and should include your full name, work address, and email, in the body of the letter.

Also, your referees should evaluate you on the following criteria:

  • Intellectual ability
  • Research abilities/experience
  • Motivation to face challenges
  • Capacity to work in groups 
  • Propensity to thrive in a new environment

Getting Started with Application

The application process for this scholarship is not rigorous if you have all credentials. Go to the application system and click on apply to commence your application. You can complete it in one sitting or save it and come back to it as many times as you want.

This scholarship has two application options: Single Offer option and Multiple Offer option.

Single-Offer option

For this option, can apply for the three courses but you have to prioritise the courses. The application goes to the admissions committee of your first-choice program. You will get an offer for only one program.

If your application is rejected from the first-choice program, the application will go to the admissions committee of the candidate’s second-choice program (and so on with the third, if need be).

You will pay €60.

You can get the step b step process for the application here

Multiple-Offer option

This option is also similar to the single offer option. You can as well apply for all three courses. Just that all three applications will be processed simultaneously but you have to choose one from the multiple offers you might be getting. Once you choose an offer, the other two will be forfeited.

For this option, You will pay €100.

NB: Kindly note that the multiple-offer option does not guarantee a fully-funded scholarship.

Scholarship Amount

This scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship. It also has the financial aid option. With this financial option or tuition waiver option, you can be offered 25%, 50% or 75% depending on the credentials you submit to the school.

Deadline for the Barcelona School of Economics Scholarship

This scholarship is open. The thing is that if you apply before January 15, you will receive feedback on your mail by mid-February. However, if you apply after January 15, you will get feedback within 4-6 weeks.

Tips to Win the Barcelona School of Economics Scholarship

Make sure your referees have posted their letters to your application file by following up with them. (Remember to express gratitude for their time and work on your behalf!)


The Barcelona School of Economics Scholarship is a very straightforward scholarship. The school is one of the best places to get your Master’s degree in Spain.

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