Bad Apple Novel by Sarwah Creed

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Bad Apple Novel Summary.

My stepbrother, Rogue, was the kind of trouble I couldn’t resist. Rogue was the bad apple of our family.

He thrived on the excitement of all the things that we were warned about as kids. Then they made it my job to make this bad boy see the error of his ways.

He needed to leave the gambling and womanizing behind. I tried my hardest, but a leopard can’t change his spots. Rogue was a bad boy through and through.

I was a good girl until Rogue got under my skin…and into my panties. And instead of helping to keep my stepbrother out of trouble, I got myself into it. I didn’t intend to give Rogue my heart.

In the end, he stole it like the bad boy he was. But he gave me something too. The best gift ever. The baby is going to turn my stepbrother from a bad apple to one good enough to eat.

Bad Apple Novel by Sarwah Creed
Bad Apple Novel by Sarwah Creed

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