Steps To Apply For Jobs in Canada

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Applying for jobs in Canada, especially as an immigrant, can be a little challenging. If you don’t follow due process, you might find it difficult to secure a job. There are thousands of employers waiting to hire you, but you have to go through the basic steps.

If you are interested in applying for a job in Canada, which will, of course, require you to travel, there is a carefully laid-down procedure you should follow. I can assure you that you’d have multiple employers ready to hire you if you can follow this procedure.

1. See if you need a Work Permit

Well, this should not surprise you, but not every occupation in the country requires you to have or apply for a Work Permit. For example, the jobs below do not require a Work Permit;

  • Business visitor
  • Military personnel
  • Clergy
  • On-campus worker
  • Judges
  • Performing artistes
  • Civil Aviation Inspectors
  • Emergency Service providers
  • Foreign Government officials, and many more.

Some available Jobs:


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