An Endless New Dream Novel

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An Endless New Dream Novel Summary

An updated and partially rewritten version to be posted on Royal Road Reincarnated into the World of Remnant. Let’s see where this take our gender bent protagonist. What adventures will happen. Will the fall of beacon be prevented? Can Salem be stopped? Is traveling worlds possible where will they end up next.

I wanna admit now this is my second ever book. At the start, I wasn’t that good at keeping track of things like time there are times when I meant to jump months and it seems like its the next day. There are times when I mean to time skip years and it was only months. The first 7 chapters are there and a mess I am sorry about that, its been over a year since I have written them and I still do not know how to fix them. Im really only keeping this book here because it is A End. It is gonna be my last fanfic when I finish it and I like to read it sometimes to see my own growth as a writer.

An Endless New Dream Novel
An Endless New Dream Novel

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