Amelia Scott Novel

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Amelia Scott Novel Summary

James and Amelia accidentally meet again under a very eccentric circumstance after 12 years of trying to forget each other’s existence.

Twelve years ago, Amelia who was 16 at the time was raped by James under the influence of drugs.
To save the family name, James’ mother convinces Amelia, whose parents at the time had an unfortunate car accident, to marry James for an amount of money that could be used for her parents’ hospital expenses.

Confused, hurt and in fear for her parents’ life, Amelia married James. Fortunately, James is later sent abroad for a fresh start. Twelve years later, the couple accidentally met.

James starts to feel love for Amelia however, Amelia starts feeling past fears and anxiety toward James.
Their past and James’ family reputations keep Amelia from feeling anything besides fear and hatred for a time but James does not stop showing love and tenderness to Amelia.

Unfortunately, some people start seeking revenge on James through Amelia. James has to keep Amelia safe while slowly curing her heart, which has been hurt for a long time.

Amelia Scott Novel
Amelia Scott Novel

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