Alpha’s caged love Novel by N Chandra

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Alpha’s caged love Novel Summary.

“I will spare them if you become my plaything. Let me use you whatever way I want.” “Ok.” Her voice was labored and out of breath.

“It seems that the idea of becoming my toy is appealing to you?” He grinned. “For how long are you going to keep me?” “Until I am tired of you.” She could feel the tears welling up inside her eyes.

She was not going to show weakness in front of such a vile man. “Now that we have agreed, take your clothes off.”

Selena was the Alpha’s bastard child who was despised by all. In an ideal world, her envious stepmother would have killed her, but because of her Alpha blood, her father allowed her to live.

On her 18th birthday, Selena was sold by her father to an elderly Alpha who just desired a breeder.

Her life suddenly took a turn for the worst after five years of agony with her forced mate when her pack was taken over by the vicious Alpha Cayden, who also killed her mate.

Selena had given up on life and was wishing for death, but Cayden wouldnt let it. He desired to use her as a plaything and a toy,

something to demonstrate to others his ability to seize and make use of anyone’s mate. Was there more to his act?

Would he use her until she lost the will to live? Love or revenge which one would win?.

Alpha's caged love Novel by N Chandra
Alpha’s caged love Novel by N Chandra

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