Alpha Kaydens Revenge Novel by Nalu M

Ensure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, Alpha Kaydens Revenge by Nalu M.

Alpha Kaydens Revenge Novel Summary.

Lucy Reed is the pack’s beta, a position she earned by beating everyone who dared to challenge her.

Her only wish is to meet a mate who is powerful and has a higher pack position which isn’t the case when she meets Kayden Gray who, is an omega,

the lowest rank in a pack, and as a result, she rejects him because vulnerability is something she despises.

This rejection motivates him to improve himself until he can challenge his pack’s leader for the position and emerge as the new alpha.

He doesn’t stop there; his main goal is to make Lucy regret her rejection of him, so after a year, he becomes the alpha in Lucy’s pack as well.

To make things worse Kayden decides to pick a chosen mate from the pack and Lucy can’t deny that she wants him back.

What will happen to Lucy when catches feeling for the man she once rejected but he takes up a chosen mate?

Will he ever forgive her and move on from the past?

Alpha Kaydens Revenge Novel by Nalu M
Alpha Kaydens Revenge Novel by Nalu M

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