All the Wrong Places Novel by Jerilee Kaye

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All the Wrong Places Novel Summary.

rom Jerilee Kaye, author of best-selling novel “Knight in Shining Suit”, comes the spin-off of the top-grossing interactive story, “All the Wrong Reasons”.One last adventure.

That was all Julianne wanted. One last trip to escape the pressures of an arranged marriage to a man she doesn’t love and doesn’t even like.

One last time to experience freedom… to go wherever she wanted to go, to be anyone she wanted to be. On her last two weeks in Paris, she met someone unexpected—aspiring painter, Jas Mathieu.

He was as handsome as hell, and as sweet as heaven. He captured her heart, lit her fire and consumed her soul.

She wanted to give Jas every part of herself, but she was already promised to a powerful man who could easily ruin the simple life of the guy she fell in love with.

Terrified of what her father and fiancé could do to Jas if she stayed with him, she fled Paris and left him behind—with no real information about herself, not even her real name.

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Little did she know, that the passionate night they spent together would be the cause of her broken engagement and would change her life forever.

Seven years later, after her father stripped her of her heiress title and privileges, she crossed paths with Jas Mathieu once again.

And this time, she found out that he wasn’t exactly the struggling artist she thought he was. And he was no stranger to the family and social circle she belonged to.

It turned out that years ago, when they met… she wasn’t the only one keeping secret.

All the Wrong Places Novel by Jerilee Kaye
All the Wrong Places Novel by Jerilee Kaye

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