All of Creation Novel

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My Pirate Wives Novel Summary

The wonders of the Universe know no bounds, and I am the master of it all. Lu Fan gains the power to move the Universe and all within it when he is bound to the A.O.C system. Creation and Destruction within his fingertips as he journeys to the top.

The novel is a blend of different genres, including system; urban fantasy, action, and overpowered. The story revolves around the main character, Lu Fan, who is bound to the All of Creation system after his regression to his high school days.

The system helps him evolve into the most overpowered existence. The novel is a combination of different genres. It also has a dynamic cast of characters that change with the sub-plots. It could be an interesting read for those who enjoy a mix of different genres and a protagonist who gains immense power through a system.

All of Creation Novel
All of Creation Novel

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