Albany Medical College Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

One of the top-ranked and well-known medical schools in New York is Albany Medical College. Additionally, due to the low Albany Medical College acceptance rate, it is very competitive. 

Even the best applicants have historically struggled to win admission to the college, with an acceptance rate of fewer than 4%. 

Nevertheless, medicine is a very significant branch of science that deals with human health, making it a very challenging professional path. Hence, the reason for the low Albany Medical College acceptance rate.

You must fulfill the entry requirements and pass a number of exams in order to be accepted into a medical school.

In order to determine your chances of admission to AMC, we will examine the Albany Medical College acceptance rate and its standard in this post. 

Read on to find out more about applying to AMC’s medical school and the Albany Medical College acceptance rate if you want to be one of the fortunate few to graduate with an MD from there.

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What to know about Albany Medical College? 

The Albany Medical College’s mission is to: promote biomedical research that advances science and improves public health; educate medical students, physicians, biomedical scientists, and other health professionals from demographically diverse backgrounds to meet future primary and specialty healthcare needs; and offer a wide range of patient services. 

Programs are divided into seven primary categories, some of which further specialize in specific disciplines. 

The AMC Hospital, a teaching hospital located inside the campus that provides care to more than 3 million local residents, is the principal benefit of Albany Medical College. 

This offers a direct learning opportunity for many forms of medical research as well as real-world physician training.

There are also programs that allow graduates to continue their studies in some of the hospital’s medical specialties as well as fellowship and residency programs. 

The possibilities for medical education at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels are complemented by Albany Medical College’s programs and studies for nurses and physician assistants.

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What is the Albany Medical College Acceptance Rate in 2024? 

Despite not accepting international, Canadian, or DACA students, the competition is fierce, and only 6.39% of candidates make it to the interview stage at Albany Medical College. 

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The overall matriculation rate for all students is 1.26%, with candidates from outside the state clearly having a statistical disadvantage.

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Is Albany Medical College hard to get into? 

Entry to Albany Medical College is challenging. You should probably have some medical background to make yourself a more appealing candidate to Albany. 

Volunteering, working in a medical institution, undertaking lab research, or having a letter or recommendation from an MD will considerably boost your chances of acceptance. 

Albany also looks explicitly for an applicant’s assistance to underserved communities. 

Your chances of being accepted will increase if you have volunteer experience on your resume, especially if it was in the medical industry. 

So, if it’s still possible, lend a hand at a nursing home, neighborhood hospital, research facility, or private practice to establish some contacts before you apply.

However, this college also has a grade requirement. So, if your GPA is below 3.4 or your MCAT results don’t seem to be up to par, you might want to look for a backup school. 

Although AMC occasionally accepts applicants with test scores and GPAs below these averages, you should ideally have at least one or the other above average.

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Does Albany Medical College Require Test Scores in 2024?

No matter a student’s individual qualities, such as race, gender, age, origin, orientation, or status, the college is committed to providing equal opportunity for everyone. 

This is further demonstrated by the absence of a deadline for students to complete their prerequisite curriculum. 

Those who meet the requirements based on their MCAT score and GPA will be invited to a series of interviews where the committee will assess their motivation and capacity to contribute to the school and the medical community as a whole.

For the year they intend to apply to their program, applicants must pass the MCAT no later than June 30. 

The minimum MCAT score for the most recent candidates was 506 total points, though any passing score would be taken into consideration.

Given that the previous matriculants’ lowest matriculated GPA was 3.37, students should apply with high GPAs. 

Candidates must successfully complete 90 semester hours, or three years, of college coursework. 

These must be finished at a university or college that has earned accreditation. 

Please be aware that Albany Medical College does not admit overseas students, including those with Canadian citizenship, although colleges, medical schools, and universities from all around the world will be taken into consideration.

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What are the Admission Requirements for Albany Medical College in 2024? 

Join Extracurriculars That Support the Values of Albany Medical College. 

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Join the school band, a sports team, or a different club. For instance, if Albany Medical College places high importance on music, consider joining a group that focuses on that subject. 

Your hometown needs volunteers. Beyond only education, Albany offers a ton of opportunities for involvement. 

Students that will give back to the neighborhood and the greater Albany area, in general, are what Albany Medical College is looking for in candidates.

Spend your summer engaging in activities that reflect your ideals, personal development, leadership abilities, and other less tangible attributes. 

Beyond your academics and test results, Albany Medical College needs to know that you’ll be a meaningful contributor to their community. Your experiences should show that you are more than just your academics and exam results.

Write a fantastic essay that demonstrates something to Albany Medical College that they couldn’t learn from your other application materials. 

Check out for thorough instructions on how to write the finest college essay. 

Obtain teacher recommendations that fit your persona. 

Try to have at least 1 recommendation from a professor in that department if you are aware of your major and have mentioned it in your Albany Medical College application. 

Apply before the cutoff date. A lot can go wrong in this limited amount of time since too many students wait until the last minute to submit their applications. 

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Albany Medical College GPA Requirements

When it comes to gaining admission to Albany Medical College, prospective students must meet certain GPA requirements in English. The college places importance on the academic performance of applicants in this subject, as it plays a significant role in shaping well-rounded medical professionals.

However, to assess candidates’ aptitude in English, Albany Medical College has established specific GPA criteria. The requirements take into account the grades earned by students in English courses throughout their academic journey.

Achieving a competitive GPA in English demonstrates a strong command of the language, critical thinking skills, and the ability to effectively communicate in written and oral forms.

How much does it cost to attend Albany Medical College?

The Financial Help Office (FAO), which serves as the main informational resource for people who want to attend Albany, serves as the channel through which Albany Medical College engages with students on matters of funding and aid. 

The FAO will also offer advice and direction for the creation of the student’s short- and long-term spending plans in order to ensure their future financial stability. For enrolled students, the FAO will provide and certify need-based funding, and it will provide lifetime service to graduates. 

In-State Student Tuition and Fees:

  • Tuition and Fees: $57,723
  • Other: $20,258
  • Health Insurance: $4,018
  • TOTAL: $82,269
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Cost of Attendance for Out-of-State Students:

  • Tuition and Fees: $57,723
  • Other: $21,228
  • Health Insurance: $4,018
  • TOTAL: $82,969

The percentage of students at Albany Medical College who get financial aid is 82%, according to the LCME Student Financial Aid Questionnaire. 

The average graduate has $219,946 in debt. This sum equates to around $147,500, or 150% of the average yearly salary for the fields that students anticipate entering after earning their degrees.

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How to Apply to Albany Medical College

You can request any type of information you think necessary by emailing the AMC Office of Admissions at [email protected]

For more information on the professors, programs, or curriculum, you can also check out the Albany Medical College website.

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One of the oldest medical institutions in New York and the country, the Albany Medical College has a more than 180-year history. 

This university offers a top-notch education and fantastic chances for both aspiring doctors and scholars due to its location in the center of New York City and the inclusion of the AMC Hospital. 

All of the medical programs have a very competitive admission process because the college only admits about 150 students a year. 

We hope that with our assistance, you now have a better understanding of the admissions requirements, statistics, and foolproof advice for Albany Medical College in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Both in-state and out-of-state accepted applicants had an average GPA of 3,74. 


The selected applicants’ average MCAT score is 511 total points. 


Candidates will go through a general orientation and a series of MMI stations, where they will be evaluated by various faculty members. 


Although it is advantageous for the applicant if the letters of recommendation are submitted with the application, it is still possible to add these letters after the application deadline has passed.


Students are advised to submit as many financial aid applications as they are qualified for. You must submit a new application each year if your aid is supposed to be reviewed annually. 

What is the acceptance rate overall? 

The Albany Medical College has an acceptance rate of 1,26% overall, 2,79% for students from New York State, and 0,95% for applicants from outside the state. 


No. Only US citizens and those with legal status in the country may enroll in the college.



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