Affinity Romance (AR) Novel by CassieRose09

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Affinity Romance (AR) Novel Summary.

Romanticizing her pursuit of her own bliss when it comes to her exclusive selection of guys whom she cogitated as her possible sweetheart is something Shinai Indigo put her very strong liking to delightedly misused her time without feeling indecisive.

Jordan Edon, the literal representation of a radiant summery disposition. The one whom she doesn’t acknowledge as someone to have an inclination with.

As she is actively engaged towards the enthusiasm she felt, delivering herself into the whirling chain of letdowns. Only to distinguished the verifiable truth of her situation.

There is no point of acting in denial in demeaning the noticeable certainty that every situation that she went into, Jordan was consistently present.

Is the solidity of the evidence enough to provide her the clarion—that the flaming Mr. Valentine that she’s been looking for is someone that is already in front of her?

Will she finally be cognizant of accepting the given oblation and embrace the green light that she’s been searching for?

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Affinity Romance (AR) Novel by CassieRose09
Affinity Romance (AR) Novel by CassieRose09

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