Adopted Soldier by lynerparel

Adopted Soldier by lynerparel is a unique blend of action, comedy, and magical realism. 

Summary of Adopted Soldier

The story follows Alexander, a former S-rank mercenary who was raised to be the perfect soldier. His adoptive father forces him to leave the battlefield after achieving his desired strength and sends him on a mission to protect a girl in a public high school.

Despite his initial reluctance, Alexander accepts the mission as if it were another battle to win. His strange behavior and use of military terms, on the other hand, quickly make him the talk of the school, resulting in hilarious situations and misunderstandings.

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Adopted Soldier by lynerparel
Adopted Soldier by lynerparel

The story is filled with quirky characters, including Alexander’s adoptive father, who communicates with him through a wristwatch and provides him with various gadgets and weaponry to complete his mission. There’s also a cast of high school students, each with their own distinct personality, who interact amusingly with Alexander.

Alexander gradually learns to adapt to his new environment and even begins to enjoy his time at school as the story progresses. However, his past as a soldier soon catches up with him, leading to exciting and action-packed scenes.

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The combination of action, humor, and magical realism makes Adopted Soldier a light and enjoyable read. It’s an entertaining ride from beginning to end because the characters are likable and the plot is interesting.

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