Addicted To His Deep Love Novel by Vency

Addicted To His Deep Love” by Vency is a captivating tale that takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster, leaving them yearning for more.

In this novel, love transcends societal expectations, and the characters discover the true meaning of devotion and sacrifice.

Addicted To His Deep Love Novel by Vency Summary

In a twist of fate, Natalie finds herself betrothed to Jarvis, a disfigured and disabled man, orchestrated by her scheming stepmother on her wedding night. Escaping the situation, Natalie couldn’t have imagined that destiny had other plans for them. Unaware of Jarvis’ true identity, she falls for him deeply.

Jarvis, hiding his wealth and putting on a façade of poverty, never expected to fall head over heels for Natalie. Their lives unfold together, until a shocking revelation shatters Natalie’s perception of her boyfriend. She stumbles upon his secret, discovering he possesses billions in assets and the ability to defy all odds, despite what others had led her to believe.

Confused and upset, Natalie demands answers from Jarvis, who struggles to find the right words. As tensions rise, she challenges the misconceptions that surrounded him, questioning the very essence of their relationship.

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In the face of this confrontation, Jarvis finally opens up to explain, urging Natalie to calm down and think about their future, which now includes a baby. Unable to bear the weight of the truth, Natalie can’t help but call him out, but Jarvis takes the decisive step, kneeling before her, hoping to bridge the gap between them.

Addicted To His Deep Love Novel by Vency.
Addicted To His Deep Love Novel by Vency.

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