21 Accredited Coding Bootcamps Existing in USA & Canada

In the ever-evolving landscape of tech education, it is crucial to have reliable information about accredited bootcamps in the USA and Canada. Here we present a curated list of 21 accredited coding bootcamps for 2024.

These bootcamps have met stringent quality standards and are recognized for their commitment to providing high-quality tech education.

Whether you are a beginner taking the first steps into the tech industry or an experienced professional seeking to expand your skillset, these accredited bootcamps provide a promising opportunity to learn and grow.

Take advantage of this list to explore the options available, consider your goals and preferences, and make an informed decision that aligns with your aspirations.

What are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps are intensive, short-term training programs designed to teach programming skills to individuals who want to pursue a career in the tech industry. These bootcamps offer a focused and accelerated learning experience, typically from a few weeks to a few months.

Coding bootcamps are often immersive and hands-on, providing students with practical skills and real-world projects to enhance their learning. They aim to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and technical proficiency to enter the job market as junior developers or programmers.

Bootcamps cover a range of programming languages, frameworks, and tools depending on the specific program and its focus. Common subjects taught in coding bootcamps include web development, software engineering, data science, mobile app development, and UX/UI design.

Bootcamps differ from traditional academic programs in several ways. They are typically shorter in duration, more focused on practical skills, and often have a career-oriented approach.

Many coding bootcamps offer a combination of classroom instruction, project-based learning, coding exercises, and mentorship.

Some bootcamps also provide career services, such as resume assistance, interview preparation, and job placement support, to help students launch their careers in tech.

Coding bootcamps have gained popularity due to the increasing demand for tech talent and the desire for a career change or upskilling opportunities.

They attract individuals from various backgrounds, including recent graduates, professionals looking to switch careers, and individuals seeking to enhance their coding skills.

It’s worth noting that not all coding bootcamps are created equal, and the quality and outcomes can vary.

When considering a coding bootcamp, it’s essential to research. Evaluate the curriculum, instructors’ qualifications, student reviews, job placement rates, and industry partnerships to ensure you choose a reputable BootCamp that aligns with your career goals.

What is Bootcamp Accreditation?

Bootcamp accreditation refers to the process by which a bootcamp is officially recognized and certified by a recognized accrediting body or organization. Accreditation is a formal evaluation and recognition of the quality, standards, and educational practices of a bootcamp.

Accreditation ensures that a bootcamp meets certain established criteria and maintains a level of excellence in its curriculum, instructors, learning resources, student support, and overall educational experience. It assures students and employers that the bootcamp meets recognized industry standards and delivers a quality education.

Accreditation is typically conducted by independent accrediting agencies that assess the bootcamp’s curriculum, learning outcomes, student satisfaction, and faculty qualifications.

These agencies review the bootcamp’s educational processes and practices to ensure they align with industry standards and best practices.

Bootcamp accreditation can benefit both students and bootcamp providers. For students, it offers reassurance that the bootcamp meets certain quality standards and that their educational investment is worthwhile.

Accreditation can also enhance the credibility and recognition of a bootcamp in the job market, making graduates more competitive.

For bootcamp providers, accreditation demonstrates their commitment to delivering high-quality education and distinguishes them from unaccredited competitors. It can attract more students, increase enrollment, and enhance the reputation of the bootcamp within the industry.

It’s important to note that not all bootcamps are accredited, as the process can be time-consuming and require significant resources. Some bootcamps may choose not to pursue accreditation but maintain high standards and deliver quality education.

Therefore, you need to research and evaluate bootcamps based on factors beyond accreditation, such as student reviews, outcomes, and industry partnerships.

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What Organisations Accredit Bootcamps?

There isn’t a single universally recognized accrediting body specifically dedicated to accrediting coding or technology bootcamps. Unlike traditional academic institutions, bootcamps often operate outside the scope of formal accreditation processes.

However, some organizations and initiatives in the bootcamp industry provide voluntary accreditation or quality assurance programs. Here are a few examples:

#1. Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR)

CIRR is an organization that offers a voluntary program for bootcamps to report their student outcomes in a standardized and transparent manner. Bootcamps that participate in CIRR commit to providing accurate and verified information on graduation rates, employment rates, and salary data.

#2. Skills Fund

Skills Fund is a financing and quality assurance platform for bootcamps. They partner with selected bootcamps and thoroughly evaluate their curriculum, instructors, and student outcomes to ensure quality and provide students with loan options.

#3. Department of Education-Approved Accrediting Bodies

In some cases, bootcamps may seek accreditation from accrediting bodies recognized by the Department of Education. However, this is less common among bootcamps, as they often do not fit the traditional model of educational institutions.

It’s important to note that while accreditation can be a valuable indication of quality, it is not the sole determinant of a bootcamp’s worth. Many reputable bootcamps may choose not to pursue formal accreditation but maintain high educational standards and deliver quality programs.

When considering a bootcamp, it’s essential to research its curriculum, instructors, outcomes, alumni reviews, and industry partnerships to assess its overall credibility and reputation.

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Are Coding Bootcamps Accredited?

The majority of coding bootcamps are not accredited. Early bootcamps did not pursue an evaluation mechanism for schools and universities called accreditation. 

Even bootcamps offered by recognized universities are sometimes not accredited these days. Instead, bootcamps are categorized by institutions as short-term programs for career training or continuing education.

Remember that accreditation for educational providers is distinct from state licensure. Bootcamps require a license from a state to function as postsecondary institutions there. Bootcamps without licenses risk penalties or other disciplinary actions. 

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Are Accredited Coding Bootcamp Legit?

Accredited coding bootcamps are indeed legit. Accreditation is a process that validates the credibility and quality of educational institutions, including coding bootcamps.

When a coding bootcamp is accredited, it has undergone a rigorous evaluation by recognized accrediting bodies, ensuring that it meets established standards of excellence.

Accreditation provides several benefits.

First and foremost, it assures students that the bootcamp’s curriculum, teaching methods, and overall educational experience are highly quality. Accredited bootcamps have demonstrated their commitment to delivering relevant and up-to-date tech education.

Moreover, accreditation enhances the credibility and recognition of a coding bootcamp within the industry. It signifies that the bootcamp has met certain benchmarks and has undergone thorough scrutiny by experts in the field.

This can be particularly important when it comes to job prospects and employers’ confidence in the skills acquired through the bootcamp.

When considering a coding bootcamp, it is always advisable to prioritize accredited bootcamps. They have been evaluated and proven to meet certain standards, giving you the confidence that you are investing your time, effort, and resources in a legitimate and reputable program.

So be rest assured that accredited coding bootcamps are indeed legit. They provide valuable educational opportunities for individuals looking to enter the tech industry or enhance their coding skills.

By choosing an accredited bootcamp, you can confidently embark on a transformative learning journey, knowing that you are receiving a high-quality education that aligns with industry standards.

How Expensive are Accredited Coding Bootcamps?

When it comes to the cost of accredited coding bootcamps, it’s important to understand that the expenses can vary depending on various factors.

Accredited coding bootcamps typically require an investment, but the actual cost can differ based on factors such as program length, location, curriculum, and additional support services.

While some coding bootcamps may have a higher price tag, it’s important to consider the value and return on investment they offer.

Accredited coding bootcamps often provide intensive and focused training programs designed to equip you with in-demand coding skills in a shorter timeframe than traditional education.

It’s worth noting that accredited bootcamps may also offer financial assistance options, such as scholarships, payment plans, or partnerships with lending institutions. These can help make the bootcamp more accessible and manageable for individuals with varying financial circumstances.

To determine the exact cost, it’s best to research specifically accredited coding bootcamps that align with your goals. Explore their websites, speak with admissions representatives, and carefully review the program details, including tuition fees and any additional expenses.

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While the cost of an accredited coding bootcamp is important, it’s equally crucial to weigh it against the potential career opportunities and increased earning potential that can come from acquiring valuable tech skills.

So take the time to explore your options, evaluate the benefits, and consider your budget and financial resources. With careful planning and research, you can find an accredited coding bootcamp that fits your needs and offers a worthwhile investment in your future.

Now let us look at accredited coding bootcamps in USA & Canada. We shall divide them into two categories; online and in-person accredited coding bootcamp.

Online Accredited Coding Bootcamps

The following are coding schools that offer online programs and have gained recognition for their quality education.

So, if you’re looking for reputable online options to learn to code, these bootcamps should be on your radar. Here they are:

#1. Lambda School

Lambda School is an online accredited coding bootcamp that offers web development, data science, iOS development, and UX design programs.

They provide live instruction and interactive projects and even offer an income share agreement (ISA) payment model.

Click here to join Lambda School

#2. Flatiron School 

Flatiron School is another online accredited coding bootcamp offering software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and UX/UI design courses. They have live online classes, dedicated instructors, and a curriculum to prepare you for a tech career.

Enroll for Flatiron School here

#3. App Academy

App Academy is renowned for its online software engineering bootcamp. They provide a rigorous curriculum, live instruction, coding challenges, and career support to help you transition into the industry.

Enroll at App Academy here

#4. Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor offers an online accredited coding bootcamp in software engineering. Their program is highly immersive and focuses on full-stack JavaScript development.

You can expect live lectures, coding challenges, and mentorship to guide your learning journey.

CLck to join Hack Reactor here

#5. Thinkful

Thinkful is an accredited online bootcamp that offers software engineering, data science, UX/UI design, and digital marketing programs.

Their one-on-one mentorship model and flexible learning schedule make it a popular choice among learners.

Study at Thinkful by clicking here

#6. Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy provides an online accredited coding bootcamp in software engineering. Their program covers full-stack JavaScript development and includes live instruction, coding projects, and career services to help you succeed in the tech industry.

Join Fullstack Academy today

#7. General Assembly

General Assembly is known for its online accredited coding bootcamp in web development, data science, UX design, and more.

They offer live instruction, collaborative projects, and career support to equip you with the necessary skills for a successful tech career.

Join General Assembly today

#8. Springboard 

Springboard is an online accredited bootcamp specializing in data science, machine learning, and software engineering.

Their mentor-led, project-based learning approach and job guarantee make them a compelling choice for aspiring coders.

Apply to study at Springboard here

#9. CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry offers an online accredited coding bootcamp in web development, UX/UI design, and data analytics. Their self-paced programs with mentor support focus on practical skills and prepare you for a career in the tech industry.

Apply for CareerFoundry here

#10. Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy provides online accredited coding bootcamps in software engineering and UX/UI design. Live instruction, hands-on projects, and career coaching provide a comprehensive learning experience.

When choosing an online bootcamp, accreditation is just one factor to consider. It’s important to research each bootcamp thoroughly, explore their curriculum, read reviews, and even connect with alumni to gain insights into their experiences. This way, you can find the bootcamp that aligns best with your goals and learning preferences. 

Enroll to learn from Kenzie Academy today

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In-Person Accredited Coding Bootcamps

The following bootcamps offer in-person programs and have gained coding bootcamp accreditation for their quality education. So, if you prefer the immersive experience of learning in a physical setting, these options might be just what you’re looking for. Here we go:

#11. Galvanize

Galvanize provides accredited coding bootcamps in web development and data science. Their physical campuses in multiple cities offer immersive programs with industry-aligned curricula.

Learn from Galvanize today

#12. Turing School

Turing School is an accredited coding bootcamp located in Denver, Colorado. They offer in-person programs in software development, focusing on hands-on learning and career support.

Study at Turing School by clicking here

#13. Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo offers accredited coding bootcamps in web development, data science, and software engineering. They have campuses in several locations, providing students with immersive learning experiences.

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Apply to study at Coding Dojo by clicking here

#14. Nashville Software School

Nashville Software School is an accredited coding bootcamp based in Nashville, Tennessee. They offer in-person web development and data analytics programs, helping students gain practical coding skills.

Study at Nashville Software School by clicking here

#15. Holberton School

Holberton School provides accredited coding bootcamps in software engineering. With campuses in San Francisco and New Haven, they offer immersive programs focused on project-based learning.

Enroll at Holberton School here

#16. The Software Guild

The Software Guild offers accredited coding bootcamps in web development and data science. They have physical campuses in various cities, providing hands-on training and an industry-aligned curriculum.

Study at The Software Guild here

#17. LEARN Academy

LEARN Academy is an accredited coding bootcamp based in San Diego. They offer in-person programs in web development, providing hands-on coding experience and career support.

Click to learn from LEARN Academy today

#18. Austin Coding Academy

Austin Coding Academy is an accredited coding bootcamp located in Austin, Texas. They offer in-person programs in web development, helping students acquire coding skills and industry knowledge.

Click here to join Austin Coding Academy

#19. Boise CodeWorks

Boise CodeWorks is an accredited coding bootcamp based in Boise, Idaho. They provide in-person web development and software engineering programs, focusing on practical coding skills and real-world projects.

Click here to learn from Boise CodeWorks

#20. Byte Academy

Byte Academy is an accredited coding bootcamp with New York City and Houston campuses. They offer in-person programs in software engineering, data science, and fintech.

Join Byte Academy by clicking here today.

#21. The Grace Hopper Program

The Grace Hopper Program is an accredited all-women coding bootcamp in New York City. They offer in-person programs in software engineering and web development.

Click here to learn from here

These bootcamps have been recognized for their quality education, experienced instructors, and positive student outcomes.

Research each bootcamp thoroughly, read reviews, and consider factors such as curriculum, job placement support, and alumni success stories to find the best fit for your coding education.

Remember, accreditation adds extra assurance regarding the quality and credibility of these coding bootcamps.

However, it’s always wise to research each bootcamp thoroughly, review their curriculum and alumni outcomes, and seek feedback from previous students to ensure they align with your specific goals and learning preferences.

Skills Learned in Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps can offer instruction in various topics, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced subjects. Depending on the subject and level, these programs can teach programming fundamentals or more sophisticated engineering and data science abilities.

Students in coding bootcamps can acquire soft skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and code-specific competencies.


Can a beginner join an accredited coding bootcamp?

Numerous businesses provide free coding bootcamps. Many free bootcamps offer an introduction to coding at the starting level, while others take a more in-depth approach. For certain bootcamps, students without coding experience can enroll in MOOCs and other free pre-requisite courses.

How many hours a week is a coding bootcamp?

When we hear the term “coding bootcamps,” we often think of these bootcamps mentioned above. Students participate in immersive, full-time, in-person instruction for 40–80 hours per week in a classroom. Typically, immersive bootcamps span between two and seven months.

Is it hard to get into an accredited coding bootcamp?

It might be challenging to get into an accredited coding bootcamp. This is because some institutions have rigorous application and screening requirements that applicants must meet to be accepted. A technical interview and a potential skills evaluation are part of this process.

Is It Easy to Get a Job After a Coding Bootcamp?

Yes. Nearly 80% of students in coding bootcamps found employment within six months of graduating, according to a poll conducted by the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting of 46 bootcamps.

Should I learn coding before joining an accredited coding bootcamp?

As much as you can, I advise putting in much independent coding time before enrolling in a bootcamp. I would advise at least 100 hours of coding if you’re wondering how much time you should put in before making a choice.


We have covered a list of 21 accredited coding bootcamps in the USA and Canada for 2024. These bootcamps have been recognized for their commitment to quality tech education, allowing individuals to acquire in-demand skills and excel in the industry.

Accreditation adds credibility and ensures that these bootcamps meet rigorous standards. Students can expect immersive learning experiences, hands-on projects, and career support by enrolling in these programs.

With a calm and familiar tone, I encourage you to explore these accredited bootcamps, considering your career goals and learning preferences. Take advantage of the diverse range of programming languages and specializations offered to find the bootcamp that aligns best with your aspirations.

Embrace these opportunities, as they can be a launchpad for your tech career. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape, and step confidently towards a rewarding future.


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