Accidentally Married Novel by Zera

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Accidentally Married Novel Summary.

She was Dumped.

He needed a bride, Jessica was to be married to her high school sweetheart and heartthrob Burke They decided to only go to the courthouse and do something small.

Jessica gets dumped on her wedding day as Burke confesses to cheating on her. She is devastated. On the other hand,

Xavier is the only grandson of the famous billionaire grandmaster. His grandfather who had been raising him since his parents died while he was still at a tender age is now nearing death.

The grandfather wants his grandson to be married before he transfers ownership of the company to him. He doesn’t care who the grandson marries he just wants him to settle down.

Xavier had contracted a wife to get married to him. The strange girl who he had never seen before doesn’t show up on the day of the wedding. Coincidentally, Jessica and Xavier happen to be together in the same courthouse at the same time.

While Jessica overhears the conversation with Xavier over the phone she goes to propose marriage to him and then gets married to him. She was usually careful and overthought everything.

She decided to do something spontaneous for the first time and it landed her into a marriage. She was going to get married either way.

What happens when two people begin to spend time together? Read on to find out the thrilling love story between Jessica and Xavier.

Accidentally Married Novel by Zera
Accidentally Married Novel by Zera

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