Accidental Marriage Novel by Tao

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Accidental Marriage Novel Summary.

All Winter Dax wanted to do was to celebrate her new job in her dream company with a night out with her group of friends.

Little did she know her life was about to change forever when she woke up the next morning after her one-night stand to a signed marriage certificate. 

But what could get worse than signing a marriage certificate with a random stranger? It was Winter resuming the following week, only to see that her new boss,

the richest billionaire’s son in the whole of Las Vegas; Rome Xander, who is popularly known as the golden bachelor of the city was the same man she had a one night stand and a signed marriage certificate with.

Rome Xander, who was just healing from a heartbreak saw this as an opportunity to use Winter, so he left her with two conditions. To either keep her job and assume the position of Rome’s wife in secret for a year so he could be given access to his share of his grandfather’s wealth,

or she should let go of her job completely, part ways and he’d destroy the marriage certificate like it never existed.

What happens when Winter chose the latter and signed a deal with him?.

Accidental Marriage Novel by Tao
Accidental Marriage Novel by Tao

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