Above the Gods Novel

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Above the Gods Novel Summary

Eons ago, in the world where a young man lost his entire race during a universal war, was standing on a cliff watching the thunders rumbling in the sky. He could not bear the pain and died by committing suicide.

Even when dying he was scared.

He was fearful… Fearful of death.

He was fearful because he was beneath everyone.

Our protagonist looks towards the heavens and shouts.


But suddenly courage mustered inside him from nowhere clutching the small box in his hands tightly and made a promise to himself.

‘If I get another chance in my next life, I will not stay beneath anyone.’

‘Not to be controlled by anyone.’

‘If anyone blocks me, I will trample them beneath my feet.’

‘If heavens block me, I will destroy the heavens’

‘If fate or destiny blocks me I will make them obey me.’

‘If the whole universe blocks me, I will destroy the universe.’

Gradually his vision dimmed, slumbering into eternal peace clutching a small box, glittering with golden radiance, gripped in his hands.

While in the present time, someone was selling some trashy products for a living.

Above the Gods Novel
Above the Gods Novel

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