A Wild Queen Of Hell Novel

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A Wild Queen Of Hell Novel Summary

A wild Grayfia “Queen of succubus” and Satan of Draconic Deux capturing Pokemon all over the multiverse. Some random guy die from some random yeet and get some random wishes. Reincarnated as Grayfia Lucifuge. I just got some inspiration and wrote whatever comes to my mind. I am not good at English so some Grammer might be wrong. If you tell me I will fix it. Oh, And all characters except some self insert characters are all belong to their original owner.

Cover photo is taken from Google Credit to original owner
I am going to delete idiotic reviews that doesn’t please me to keep my sanity stable. I welcome all advice in any forms except some reviews that is simply roasting me for the sake of it. I ain’t no saint. If you don’t like this book, Don’t read this. It is very simple solution.

A Wild Queen Of Hell Novel
A Wild Queen Of Hell Novel

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