A Werewolf Fantasy Novel by Ebony Pete

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A Werewolf Fantasy Novel Summary.

“You are truly here,” said the man softly, his eyes running over her as if trying to make sure she was who he thought she was. Erin couldn’t hide her confusion.

“Do I know you? I’m not sure we’ve met before.” “Not in this lifetime, but you are mine,” he replied confidently. “Excuse me?” Erin asked in utter confusion.

Who was this guy, and why the heck was he saying this weird stuff to her? “I know you don’t know me yet,” the man continued.m“But you will, Edvana.

You will know me because you are my mate.” When Erin agreed to take Devon up on his claim of being her destined mate, she did not expect to be transported back in time to a pre-civilization era during a werewolf civil war!

How was she going to make it back to the future/present alive, when she was now caught in the middle of an apocalyptic battle?

A Werewolf Fantasy Novel by Ebony Pete
A Werewolf Fantasy Novel by Ebony Pete

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