A Way Back Home Novel by Addie Bell

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A Way Back Home Novel Summary.

Book 2 of Finding A Home Series Being a husband and a father had never been easy. Cailen was a worrier.

He always had been and probably always would be. With his past, it was kind of inevitable.

He worried about his son Ezekiel, being picked on at school because he experienced it firsthand when he was a kid. He worried about his fire fighting husband Asher, coming home injured, or not at all.

Cailen tried not to let his worries get the best of him, but it was difficult. He fears that one day, they will become more than just a worry, and also fears that one day,

nobody, including Asher, will put up with it anymore. What happens when that day actually comes? Cailen finally had a family, and a place to call home.

What will happen if it starts falling apart? Will they continue to stray away? Or will they find their way back home?

A Way Back Home Novel by Addie Bell
A Way Back Home Novel by Addie Bell

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