A Taste Of Seduction Novel by Almah

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A Taste Of Seduction Novel Summary.

Anastasia is a ravishing beauty that once you set your eyes on her, you’ll lust her body. Her charm only triggers a man’s sexual urge that seems irresistible.

Fate makes her cross paths with Arthur, is a prince who neglects his Royal duties and disguises himself as a merchant to carry out a mission secretly.

Among all the men Anastasia has been dealing with, he is the only one that never lusts after her body, now that she finds out she’ll do anything to make him beg to have her body.

“Just tell me you want to sleep with me!” She snarled and rolled her eyes. She was standing naked before him, however, he didn’t spare her a glance. “I don’t want your body, get that into your head.

The next time you try to seduce me I’ll have you put in the dungeon for two weeks.” He made himself clear to her. Will she ever succeed in making the prince acknowledge her beauty?.

A Taste Of Seduction Novel by Almah
A Taste Of Seduction Novel by Almah

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