A Tale of Chase and Love 1 Novel by Princess Galaxiana

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A Tale of Chase and Love 1 Novel Summary.

Theresa, a sole heiress of the William family, falls in love with a boy band in S-Korea. Unable to keep her excitement bottled in anymore, she blackmails her butler into getting her tickets for the concert that was to happen soon.

Her parents find out but she also blackmails them into letting her go. She boards a plane and is super excited to see her idol perform live. Unexpectedly, the plane crashed 2 hours before her destination.

Opening her eyes, she finds herself in a new dimension. A world where people cultivate magic to become immortal. She receives a mission from a dying concubine of the emperor to avenge her death and in the process,

she becomes host to three magic pets, and acknowledges a foster father and mother. She goes to magic school to train her magic skills and becomes host to a system that grants wishes.

She finds her first love in the magic school and decides to chase him, ignoring warnings from all sides. Even when he turns out to be a traitor, she still chases him to the point of becoming a maid at his palace.

They finally get married and she thinks all will be well till she finds him in bed with another woman. He says he married her for benefits and now she’s useless.

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Heartbroken, she gives up the system and returns back to Earth with the price being her memories after the plane crash. Later, her husband realizes his mistake and it is too late when he searches for her.

She is no longer in his world. He gives up his beauty, kingship and magic powers in order to come to earth. Ten years later, he finally finds Theresa his wife but she has no memory of him!

What will be their fate? Pls take note of part two. (A Tale of Chasing Romance 2) and don’t forget to leave a comment, add to your library or send a gift if you like this book. Thanks.

A Tale of Chase and Love 1 Novel by Princess Galaxiana
A Tale of Chase and Love 1 Novel by Princess Galaxiana

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