A Royalty Kneeling For His Queen Novel by Zebbie Zebbiee

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A Royalty Kneeling For His Queen Novel Summary.

Certainly! Here’s the passage translated into English:

“Eresh is my Queen as I am her King,” I said, and I don’t know whom I was trying to convince at this moment. Shielder chuckled. “I am her real King, Fourth.” “No..” I said while shaking my head.

Damn this bloody wound! If not for this, I would snatch Eresh away from him! I don’t care if Tracer gets angry, but I need my Queen beside me! But I’m feeling so weak. My strength hasn’t returned yet.

I could only watch as Shielder held Eresh’s waist. Eresh flashed me a smile. “You’re used to it anyway. Being a pretend King.” Her words were like a thousand daggers piercing right through my chest where my heart is.

It hurts to hear her say that. But I know her. Her eyes were telling me that she’s lying right now. She’s planning something again, and I don’t like that she’s doing it alone. I don’t like the idea of her leaving me because of this plan.

“Kneel, Fourth. My Queen might consider staying with you.” I will do everything just so she will stay with me. “Beg,” Shielder said after I knelt on the ground. I saw surprise in Eresh’s eyes.

See this, my Queen? I’m willing to do everything for you. “Eresh…” I looked at her while kneeling on the ground. She might see me as someone so low, a royalty kneeling for his Queen.

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But damn it. I’m desperate. “I’m never anyone’s first choice. But I want you to choose me. Please…” Thoughts flashed in my mind as I begged her to stay with me. My father who chose not to treat me as his child for this game.

My mother who always followed what my father wanted. My butler who got married the moment I freed him. The EL Ordre that made me the King as bait. And Daphne who chose Apollo over me.

“Don’t leave me. I’m begging you…” If my father were to hear what I’m saying, he would punish someone important to me again. As a Von Amstel, we never beg. Still, Eresh left me that night.

A Royalty Kneeling For His Queen Novel by Zebbie Zebbiee
A Royalty Kneeling For His Queen Novel by Zebbie Zebbiee

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