A Queen Among Tides Novel by ADB_Stories

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A Queen Among Tides Novel Summary.

Book 5 in the Queen Among Series One mistake centuries ago left Lemuel cursed by the Goddess Merlos and forced to wander the earth granting the wishes of those who touch him.

Lemuel was looking at an eternity of loneliness until his unexpected soulmate plucked him right out of the sea. Shocked to find he’s been bound in more ways than one to Sebastian,

the future King of the Kingdom of Atlesper, Lemuel resists Sebastian’s advances at every turn, believing this may be one pairing Goddess Zarseti got wrong.

Lemuel will have to face his past in hopes of starting a new future, but an overly flirtatious King is the least of his worries when he learns Sebastian’s parents are convinced that a conniving usurper disguised as a curvy blonde, is the future king’s true soulmate.

Books in the Queen Among Series so far: Book 1 – A Queen Among Alphas (available on paperback) Book 2 – A Queen Among Snakes Book 3 – A Queen Among Blood Book 4 – A Queen Among Darkness Book 5 – A Queen Among Tides Bite-Size Luna – A Queen Among Alphas Prequel.

A Queen Among Tides Novel by ADB_Stories
A Queen Among Tides Novel by ADB_Stories

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