A Queen Among Darkness Novel by ADB_Stories

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A Queen Among Darkness Novel Summary.

Book 4 in the Queen Among series Isolde’s life was full of love and joy. She was set to be High priestess of the makkari,

but everything changed in a single night when she lost everything at the hands of someone she thought she could trust. For centuries she has been on the run,

helping the supernatural community under the cloak of anonymity while she works to clear her name and save the very people after her, from destruction.

Enemies are closing in, but an unexpected complication befalls her when she realises she’s been fated to someone who wants her species exterminated.

After all, an evil chance seldom comes alone. Books in the Queen Among Series so far: Book 1 – A Queen Among Alphas (available on paperback) Book 2 – A Queen Among Snakes Book 3 –

A Queen Among Blood Book 4 – A Queen Among Darkness Book 5 – A Queen Among Tides Bite-Size Luna – A Queen Among Alphas Prequel Whole Again – A Queen Among Alphas spin-off

A Queen Among Darkness Novel by ADB_Stories
A Queen Among Darkness Novel by ADB_Stories

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