A Queen Among Blood Novel by ADB_Stories

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A Queen Among Blood Novel Summary.

Book 3 in the Queen Among Series. Yildiz was created by the Goddess Zarseti for one purpose: to uphold truth and justice in the supernatural world.

Unlike her sisters, Yildiz came into being blind, but she sees beyond what others can. For tens of thousands of years, she and her sisters continued their duties as the Delegation,

but life just got more interesting for Yildiz. She learns her creator blessed her, of all people, with a soulmate – an unwilling soulmate at that. Darkness surrounds this mystery man, but he is far more than he seems.

Yildiz finds herself pushed away at every turn, but she’s never been known to give up her pursuits. Will she capture his heart and unravel his secrets?

Or will she be consumed by the darkness and left heartbroken? Books in the Queen Among Series so far: Book 1 – A Queen Among Alphas (available on paperback) Book 2 – A Queen Among Snakes Book 3 –

A Queen Among Blood Book 4 – A Queen Among Darkness Book 5 – A Queen Among Tides Bite Size Luna – A Queen Among Alphas Prequel.

A Queen Among Blood Novel by ADB_Stories
A Queen Among Blood Novel by ADB_Stories

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