A Papi Got Me: Jada Novel by Just Bae

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A Papi Got Me: Jada Novel Summary.

“In the serene quiet of submission, eyes shut, utterly satiated, Jada finds herself amidst the raging storm of passion.

Despite all the whispers and untold tales, she has never felt such joy.” In the bustling city of Atlanta, Jada Simmons, a fiercely determined woman,

lands a position as the personal secretary to the elusive, internationally acclaimed mystery author, Javier Sosa Rodriguez. In him, she finds a man that is as charismatic as he is enigmatic.

The innocent, yet curious Jada is taken aback to realize her newfound longing for this man. Despite his reserved demeanor, she yearns to uncover the layers that shroud him.

Unable to resist Jada’s unwavering determination, vibrant charm, and innate strength, Javier admits he desires her too, but on his unique terms.

“Shaken, yet ignited by Javier’s peculiar erotic inclinations, Jada falters. Despite the success Javier enjoys – his critically acclaimed novels,

his vast fortune, his seemingly picture-perfect life – he’s a man haunted by his past, driven by an insatiable need for control.

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As the pair embark on an audacious, fervently intimate affair, Jada uncovers Javier’s hidden secrets and begins to explore her own concealed desires.

But remember, stepping into Javier’s realm requires acceptance of his rules, and total submission to his deepest desires.”

A Papi Got Me: Jada Novel by Just Bae
A Papi Got Me: Jada Novel by Just Bae

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