A Night with the Past Novel by Ornella Carey

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, A Night with the Past by Ornella Carey.

A Night with the Past Novel Summary.

What would you do if you saw the man who broke your heart again? Emma fled her village without looking back.

After the biggest disappointment of her life, she ended up in New York with thousands of broken dreams and the consequences of her past haunting her.

That is why she has no choice but to get out of the problems with her body, becoming a cynical lady-in-waiting who is not afraid to make her way in the upper echelons of New York in order to get what she wants.

She never expected that an ordinary night of work would turn out to be the unthinkable: to see the man who broke her heart again being someone completely different from the boy she knew.

Luciano is the most desired billionaire of all, CEO of the largest family business in the world and a first-class liar that she must handle with contempt and mockery to avoid falling into his deceptions.

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A very difficult challenge because after all, he was always her downfall.

A Night with the Past Novel by Ornella Carey
A Night with the Past Novel by Ornella Carey

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