A Night With The Crazy CEO Novel by Sapphire Dee

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A Night With The Crazy CEO Novel Summary.

Brianna Jackson She is a beautiful lady who came from a poor family consisting of her mother, sister and herself. They lost their father at a very young age and ever since he died,

their mother took up the responsibility of taking care of them but, she has been diagnosed with anemia and Brianna had to drop out of school to take care of herself and her family.

Brianna got fired from the restaurant she worked at because of a little mistake that she made and she went in search of a new job.

Unknowingly to her, her new Boss is the man that got her fired and he was determined to make her life a living hell because of what happened back at the restaurant.

Adrian Carter He is a breathtakingly handsome man. Adrian is the CEO of A. C. Organizations, an organization known to have multiple businesses like boutiques, restaurants and companies under it’s name.

He is the richest bachelor in California and half of the female population are crushing on him. Adrian is known to easily lose his temper and his reaction to things are unpredictable.

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He fires his employees whenever they make a slight mistake. But that changes when he got a new personal assistant who he couldn’t fire even if he wanted to because she was different from the rest.

What happens when this crazy CEO employs the beautiful and sassy lady as his assistant? Will something transpire between them?.

A Night With The Crazy CEO Novel by Sapphire Dee
A Night With The Crazy CEO Novel by Sapphire Dee

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