A Night with Mr. CEO Novel by AlexandraDiane

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A Night with Mr. CEO Novel Summary.

Childhood friends always have a special place in our hearts. Childhood love is both innocent and pure which often leads to showing affection and little form of intimacy.

At some point, this feeling may get reignited as teenagers or in adulthood. Their paths changes as they grow up, but their promises are sometimes given hope.

Fifteen years ago, there once was a boy named Alex. He had a childhood friend named Lily whom he adores so much and at a young age, fell in love and started making promises.

When something happened between the two of them, fate decided to play them and they were separated for fifteen years.

Alexandrian Romano, now a successful businessman and the CEO of Romano group of company finds himself encountering her again but to his dismay.

Even when his love was reignited, Lily was now married to another man named Vincent and had a lovely daughter.

Is it even possible for him to fight for his love now, now that she’s happily married? Can they still.

A Night with Mr. CEO Novel by AlexandraDiane
A Night with Mr. CEO Novel by AlexandraDiane

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