A Long Life to Live Novel by Just Bae

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A Long Life to Live Novel Summary.

In the shadowy underbelly of the city of La Marcen, a beacon of hope returns.  The legendary figure known only as the Destroyer, a timeless force of justice, steps back into the fray, his immortality waning.

Yet, his fight against the city’s rotting core is a candle flickering in the dark; his days are counting down. The perilous balance between order and chaos hangs by a thread.

The lawless encroach further, ready to consume the city whole in the absence of their ageless nemesis. The mantle must be passed, or the city is destined to plunge into the hands of the wicked.

The question echoes in the rustling alleyways, in the hushed whispers of the hopeful and the fearful alike – is there another,

trained under the Destroyer’s vigilant eye or an unknown prodigy, ready to rise and carry the weight of the city’s fate? As the last grains of sand trickle down the hourglass of the Destroyer’s reign, a hero must emerge.

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With powers untold, they will face the criminal underworld, armed with the legacy of an immortal vigilante.

The city’s salvation hinges on the rise of a new champion; time is running out. Will they rise in time or will La Marcen fall into the abyss?

A Long Life to Live Novel by Just Bae
A Long Life to Live Novel by Just Bae

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