A Lifetime Love Novel by Clementine

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A Lifetime Love Novel Summary.

Their first encounter was nothing like the ones you would see in the movies– an unexpected turn of events or a casual glimpse across a busy coffee shop.

Wendy met Sam for the first time in a hospital… Wendy wasn’t one of those girls who believed in love at first sight, but when she locked eyes with Sam, she realized how wrong she had been all along.

She fell for him at that very moment. She decided to follow her heart, and that stubbornness led to her bloody trek through nursing school.

Yet, it seemed like fate wasn’t in her favor. Sam never took her seriously, and Wendy was stuck in an infinite loop of unrequited love. Where would her romance take her? How would their story end?.

A Lifetime Love Novel by Clementine
A Lifetime Love Novel by Clementine

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