A Kiss With The Alpha King Novel by Havilworth

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A Kiss With The Alpha King Novel Summary.

“I don’t trust women. They are manipulative creatures.” “Even me?” I asked as he pinned my hands above my head and pressed his heated body against mine.

“Especially you, Vee. You are my addiction and my weakness.” “You are a monster! I cannot have you as a mate. I, Wren Maddock reject you, Venus Vinley as my mate and Luna.

Leave my presence!” Rejected by her mate because of her monstrous wolf and despised by her family, Venus Vinley loses her wolf as a result and the hope of finding a second chance mate is leading her to a new life.

However, when her first kiss is stolen by a mysterious stranger, another interesting phase of her life begins. The Alpha of Plum Paradise, the powerful Alpha King,

Rhys Lazmo has everything: a rich pack, power, influence, half a dozen mistresses, and a big secret: he has never gotten hard before.

He meets the solution to his problem, a young maid, who sparks a desire he has never felt before within him but disappears afterward.

When all hope seems lost, the Goddess places them on the same path, determined to make a love story out of the two troubled souls.

Although Rhys’ hatred for women threatens to ruin their happiness, he cannot deny the raw want, the all-consuming attraction between them, something no other woman could give him. It is only a matter of time before he lets down his guard and lets love in.

A Kiss With The Alpha King Novel by Havilworth
A Kiss With The Alpha King Novel by Havilworth

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