A GIRL FOR THE BEASTS Novel by Wolfy79

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First mate by accident The second mate is the one she loves. The third mate with the permission of the second partner The fourth mate is both reciprocal and political.

Suddenly in the middle of nowhere… A girl enters a strange forest with a view that is astonishing and terrifying at the same time. Met a dashing young man from the Jaguar Clan,

before leaving her in the village he had proposed to and asked for answers when he returned. But, who would have thought that the girl almost died, and even became pregnant after being raped?

A young silver lion who became the father of the baby she was carrying managed to win the sympathy of Jaguar and a doctor from the Lion Clan who had been asked to be her next mate.

The three of them work together, they are so that the girl can recover from her trauma after being raped. Will the young silver lion be able to win the heart of the girl he raped? And what happened to the girl after she was kidnapped by the Bats? How about a proposal from an Alpha? Can diplomatic relations between the two go well?.

Hi everyone, I’m Wolfy… My beautiful and handsome readers… I am very grateful to all of you who have visited to read my novels and took the time to view my profile.

A GIRL FOR THE BEASTS Novel by Wolfy79
A GIRL FOR THE BEASTS Novel by Wolfy79

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