A Game of No Strings Novel by Caitlin Gabriel

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A Game of No Strings Novel Summary.

Friends with benefits, but what happens when one of them starts catching feelings?

Sharon and Andrew were two worlds apart according to the public. Nothing made them seem compatible.

Known as a financial prodigy with an incomparable potential for maximizing gains, Andrew was perceived as a man who didn’t have time for love or things that pertained to the opposite sex.

The public thought his only love was money, so they reasoned that Sharon was the one who threw herself at him.

Little did they know that he was actually the one who lured her into his trap slowly. He had been obsessed with her for years.

“Do you remember, Mr. Blakely?” She whispered in his ear, “We agreed not to catch any real feelings for each other.

No strings, right?” A soft and raspy chuckle escapes his lips. “Yeah, right. Since I lost, I’m now yours. Let’s take this to the next level,

if you please.” He started the game with her for some crazy reason, but in the end, he lost completely and surrendered to the heavenly feeling of love.

A Game of No Strings Novel by Caitlin Gabriel
A Game of No Strings Novel by Caitlin Gabriel

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