A Deewana Got Me: Katrina Novel by Just Bae

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A Deewana Got Me: Katrina Novel Summary.

The widow’s body ached with unsatisfied desire, craving the intimate connection she once shared with her late husband.

Though their passionate nights fulfilled her deepest needs, since his passing, she felt a hollow emptiness no amount of pleasure could fill. Until she saw Giri.

His shy glances and awkward small talk betrayed his innocent inexperience, but underneath, she sensed a hunger to please her. A hunger to be taught.

At 40, he was still untouched, saving himself for the widow he lusted after. Now, with her husband gone, Giri vowed to show her the devotion she deserved.

The widow felt her core grow warm at the thought of taking Giri’s virtue. She would guide him through ecstasy, watching his face contort in bliss as she claimed him.

Their bodies would become one as she extinguished his burning desperation with long, deep strokes.

The widow knew it was taboo to indulge this craving, but she couldn’t resist. Throwing caution aside,

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she welcomed Giri into her bed and embraced the pleasure she had missed for far too long.

A Deewana Got Me: Katrina Novel by Just Bae
A Deewana Got Me: Katrina Novel by Just Bae

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