90000 Years of Longevity

90000 Years of Longevity by Venerable Linfeng is a fascinating martial arts novel that takes readers on an epic journey through time and space. 

Summary of 90000 Years of Longevity

Ye Bei, the main character, has lived for 90,000 years and has witnessed numerous historical events. He has been a god, a demon, a man, wind, and rain, and has witnessed the creation of the universe.

As he searches for secret of longevity, he faces a number of obstacles that put his abilities to the test. He meets gods, demons, and other powerful beings and learns about the universe from the most unlikely of sources.

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90,000 Years of Longevity
90,000 Years of Longevity

One of the most fascinating aspects of this novel is how it weaves together myths and legends from various cultures and religions. Characters and stories from Chinese mythology, Buddhism, Taoism, and even Norse mythology will be recognized by readers.

90,000 Years of Longevity is a rich and engaging novel that blends martial arts, mythology, and history into a compelling narrative that will hold readers’ attention from beginning to end. It is a must-read for fans of martial arts fiction and mythology, with its epic scope and engaging characters.

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