8 Best Scholarships for Low GPA Students

Scholarships for Low GPA: The majority of scholarship competitions are still pretty much the same: submit an essay, request letters of recommendation, and don’t even bother applying if your GPA isn’t 3.0 or higher or your SAT score isn’t four digits. But not every. People who don’t fit the traditional criteria for academic excellence are being admitted to colleges and universities, and everyone has access to scholarship opportunities.

Intelligence is more than simply a number, and American education is gradually realizing this. People who boasted about their IQ were labeled “losers” by the late Stephen Hawking, who famously disregarded IQ tests. Elite liberal arts colleges and Ivy League universities, such as Yale, Dartmouth, Penn, and Columbia, have made news by removing the need for standardized testing from their admission procedures.

In order to better reflect the fact that college is about much more than just tests and essays, colleges and institutions all around the country are beginning to give “non-cognitive characteristics” more weight in the admissions process.

Of course, getting good grades is important, but so is being involved in the community, coming up with original solutions to problems, and just plain old perseverance. College is a 4-year ultra-marathon, not a sprint that can be completed in a 3-hour exam.

8 Best Scholarships for Low GPA

Finding ways to pay for education might be challenging. While students have access to many different types of financial help, it’s crucial to look first for opportunities that are free and do not require repayment, such as scholarships.

Although it may be difficult to define what constitutes a low GPA, there are scholarships offered to students who meet no GPA requirements. A list of scholarships for low GPA students could qualify for can be seen below.

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Below is a list of scholarships for low GPA students can apply for. Before applying, be sure to review the eligibility requirements for each scholarship.

1. Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship

The only requirement for this $1,000 scholarship, which is named after Gen and Kelly Tanabe, the distinguished writers of 14 books on admission and scholarships, is a personal essay of no more than 250 words that responds to one of the website’s essay prompts.

Your GPA won’t be taken into account. You must be a legal resident of the United States and a high school student, college or graduate student, or both.

The website states that the objective is to level the playing field so that applicants have full control over their decisions and are not given a benefit or a disincentive based on their financial or academic situation.

2. $2,000 Niche ‘No Essay’ Scholarship

Just money to pay for tuition, housing, books, and any other education-related costs—no essays, no GPA requirements.

The $2,000 scholarship is available from Niche, a website that examines public data to evaluate schools and universities, and it is open to all high school, college, and graduate students as well as those hoping to attend within the next 12 months.

All you have to do to enter is sign up for a free account on their website. You may enter once per month, and a new winner is selected at random each month.

3. The AFSA Scholarship Program

Who knew your fire sprinkler could pay for your tuition at a reputable trade school or college? Yes, a scholarship program was created by the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA), a nonprofit organization that represents fire sprinkler contractors and is committed to the academic progress of its members. The program offers 10 recipients $2,000 in tuition support.

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After reading an article about the fire sprinkler industry, applicants must complete a brief quiz since one of their goals is to “inform the public at large about the life-saving properties of automatic fire sprinklers.”

Financial need, GPA, or demography are not taken into account when making the decision. The sole prerequisites are that you take a quick placement test and enroll in classes that start no later than the autumn semester of the year you apply.

4. E-waste scholarship for $1,000

Students in high school, college, and graduate school who are interested in environmental issues may want to look into the $1,000 scholarships offered by Digital Responsibility. This scholarship is presented each year by a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote safe internet awareness. The procedure consists of two steps.

The most significant justification for caring about e-waste is a question that applicants must answer in 140 characters or less on an online application form. Digital Responsibility will choose 10 finalists from that group of applicants, who will then be required to write a comprehensive essay (between 500 and 1,000 words) on e-waste.

5. Student Loan Hero $5K Scholarship

Of course, a website devoted to assisting students in funding their education and repaying their debt has a scholarship for the average student. Yes, Student Loan Hero offers two $5,000 scholarships each semester to assist in covering the costs of higher education, and there is no minimum GPA requirement.

6. RealtyHop Scholarship

Send an essay in a PD and apply using your school email address if you are an undergraduate student or a senior in high school who is enrolled in a program leading to a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in the United States and who exhibits the drive, perseverance, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit that is essential to their company culture. If your school does not offer one, you may still apply using your personal email as long as you attach a PDF copy of your Undergraduate or associate’s acceptance letter.

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The RealtyHop Scholarship provides up to $2,000 annually to qualified high school seniors and undergraduate students pursuing bachelor’s or associate’s degrees in the US who exhibit the drive, perseverance, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit that is essential to their firm culture.

7. Future Leaders in Technology Scholarship 

Black and Latinx persons currently only make up 5% to 8% of the tech workforce. Only one in four tech jobs is held by women. Employment rates for Native Americans and other Indigenous communities at top tech businesses are much lower, at roughly 1%. These figures show an improvement over the previous few years, but it is still far from sufficient.

The goal of the tech sector is to benefit a globe that is incredibly diverse. The industry itself must mirror that world in order to achieve this. At Virtasant, we recognize the importance of embracing novel viewpoints, examining unresolved issues, and utilizing original concepts. We want to support the creative minds that speak for the communities and groups that are still falling behind in technology.

8. The Annual Jennifer Dean Community Scholarship

The Annual Jennifer Dean Community Scholarship submissions will be judged on their overall impact on the community’s members as well as their resourcefulness, ingenuity, and thoroughness. Employees of Rancho Santa Fe Cosmetic & Family Dentistry and members of their families are not eligible to apply for this award, and the usage of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be taken into consideration while judging.

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So this is it, our list of top 8 scholarships for low GPA students. You can go through each and every one of them and apply for your favorite. Tell me what you think, the comment section is always open for you.

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