5 Scholarship Opportunities for International Students in Spain

The Spanish government has scholarship opportunities for everyone. This country is one of the top countries in Europe. They are popular for their culture, heritage and the Spanish language but their language isn’t a barrier because they lecture in the English language. Spain currently boasts of over 70 universities. The Spanish government through its Ministry of Education has approved 2023 fully-funded scholarships for anyone in any part of the world that is interested in studying at their university. And it’s one of the best scholarships to look out for if you desire a degree from Europe. Spain has scholarship opportunities are opened for undergraduate, masters and PhD.

Spain, over the years, has actively invested in their educational system. They have developed their universities to a world-class level providing these institutions with a top tier educational structure to bring out the best in their students and candidates.

This has resulted in them becoming the top 5 go-to countries for international students. The Spanish government took this decision because they want to encourage different people from all over the world to study in their universities. You can study in Spain without the IELTS.

I want you to understand that you can study in Spain. It’s not a big deal as you perceive. Spain will be glad to have you this is why, last year, the Spanish Ministry of Education, top organisations and universities availed the 2023 scholarship opportunities for international students to study in Spain at any level, BSc, MSc, PhD in their top universities every year. At the end of this article, there are other scholarship opportunities that you do not want to miss.

Premium Scholarships for International students to study abroad in Spain

After deep research on top Spanish scholarships and how to get a scholarship in Spain, I present to you the top 5 of them that are 100% funded for you to visit Spain and get a degree for free.

1. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Bacelona International Excellence Scholarship

UIC (as it is fondly called) offers International Excellence Scholarship for every interested international student. International students are encouraged to relish this opportunity to study at Catalunya. This scholarship programme covers areas like Biomedicine, Bioengineering, Law, Business Administration and Management, Communication, Psychology, Nursing and Physiotherapy.

This scholarship covers 20% of your tuition fee. It’s open to citizens of any country but only 20 slots are available yearly.

It is open to all international students. You need to have a grade 8 or higher in your secondary education or equivalent. You also need to pass the UIC Entrance Exam, get admission to the university and have paid to reserve a place. A pre-qualification degree, academic transcript, English proficiency cert (TOFEL, IELTS) and international passport are required documents for this scholarship.

If you need more information and want to apply, click here.

2. Esade Talent Scholarship

Esade is a prestigious educational institution that runs a law school, business school and executive language centre.

This institution offers both fully funded and partial funded scholarships to international students who wish to study in a private university in Spain. If you are interested in the scholarship, you apply for financial aid and the Talent Attraction Committee decides how much grant you get, usually between 60-100%.

You need to have an outstanding academic report to qualify for this scholarship. But if you cannot meet up, a student loan is available for you. You can apply for it too but you also have to meet up with the requirements and agree to the terms and conditions.

This scholarship covers all of your expenses as a student and you have the privilege of studying at one of the prestigious private universities in Spain.

To apply for this scholarship, you need the following:

1. The duly completed scholarship application form.
2. Declaration of Family Assets (attached) and a copy of the wealth tax declaration, if necessary.
3. Personal income tax declarations of all family members for fresh undergraduate candidates.
4. If you are an employee, you need to also get a certificate of income from your employer for this year.
5. If you are separated or divorced, a signed copy of the separation/divorce agreement.
6. A copy of the receipt of payment for the school/institute where you are completing their baccalaureate and, if receiving a scholarship to study there, a certification of the said scholarship issued by the granting institution.

If you want to know more about this scholarship, I got all the details here.

3. Barcelona School of Economics Scholarship

Barcelona School of Economics Scholarships (BES) has opened doors to international students. This scholarship is a fully-funded master’s scholarship in Spain. You can get a 100% scholarship as academic performance determines how much grant you’ll get from the school. This scholarship is designed for MSc programs.

This scholarship is sponsored by the Unicredit Foundation, Fundacion Ramon Araces and Accenture.

The sponsors, every year, sets aside €800,000 for this project. To stand a chance of getting the 100% waiver, you need to apply on or before 15th January else you’ll only stand a chance to get a partial grant from the school if available.

This scholarship gives you room to apply to up to 3 Master’s degree programs at once.

You need 3 basic requirements: a bachelor’s degree, an advanced level of English and finally solid economic/quantitative skills.

To apply for this scholarship programme you need the following;

  1. Transcript
  2. CV
  3. International Passport
  4. Statement of purpose
  5. TOFEL, IELTS or Cambridge

If you have any challenges, BES has an admission counsellor to guide you.

The application process is 100% online. Visit the admission page and click on apply. Next, you upload the necessary documents in pdf and click on apply.

For more information see Barcelona School of Economics Awards Scholarship to High-Achieving Students

4. European University of the Atlantic Collaboration Scholarship

The European University of the Atlantic offers scholarships to 20 new students in Computer Engineering.

This scholarship covers a 100% tuition fee for each student. And it is renewable based on the student’s performance in both academic and non-academic activities. Imagine gaining a bachelor’s degree in Engineering without paying the school fee from year 1 to the final year.

Eligibility for this scholarship opportunity, you need a diploma or pass the University’s entrance exams or a degree from another university. Next, you apply and attend an interview with the Scholarship Committee of the University.

The following documents are needed to apply:

  1. Scholarship Application Form
  2. Photocopy of ID Card preferably international passport.
  3. The academic record of your previous study. A transcript is fine.

After gathering all these, you submit your application to the Scholarship Service office at the European University of the Atlantic
Or send a mail with your documents as an attachment to becas@uneatlantico.es

See Collaboration Scholarship at the European University of the Atlantic for more details.

5. Spanish Studies Scholarship Program

Spanish studies offer the scholarship to study in Spain, Cuba, Argentina and Puerto Rico. This body started in 2001 and has awarded over $230,000 worth of scholarships. One major requirement is that you have to be an undergraduate of a recognised university in any of the aforementioned countries.

This scholarship requires you to write an essay in English between 400-and 500 words and submit it to info@spanishstudies.org with “Diversity Scholarship Essay” or “Merit-Based Scholarship Essay” in the subject. Your name and school should be at the top right of your essay.

The scholarship is like an essay competition. It is designed to take care of bills like flights, entertainment etcetera and not academic bills.

Spanish Studies has two types of scholarships namely; Merit-Based and Diversity scholarships.

Merit-Based Scholarship is meant for people with a strong Spanish background. Merit-Based Scholarship is usually an essay from a personal experience.

Diversity scholarships are meant for students from various backgrounds. It is not limited to race and ethnicity.

Factors to Consider before deciding to study at a Spanish University or College

Most students usually make mistakes when they want to go study away from home. Here are facts to consider when you decide to study in Spain.

1. Avoid the megacities

When we hear the word Spain or talk about cities in Spain, cities that usually comes to our mind are Madrid and Barcelona. As a result of this, we tend to search for universities in these cities and make them our first choice. This is good because everybody wants to study in well-known universities. But the problem is the cost of studying in these cities and the cost of living in big cities. If you compare it to the cost of studying and living in other cities like Granada, Betis if you cannot afford to live or school in the megacities

2. Get a student-work visa

Living in Spain, most especially if it’s your first time, is not easy. The worst case is when you don’t understand the Spanish language. When you get a student work visa, you’ll be able to work at most 20 hours. This will assist you with bills and also go a long way for you to adapt to the environment, make new friends and understand the language.


I love Spain, everybody should too. Spain is one of the best places to study and obtain a degree. If you think of studying in Spain, that’s not a bad idea.

Investigate and take advantage of these scholarship options to lower the expense of studying in Spain. You will benefit greatly from it. For you, I have 8 scholarship opportunities in the USA exclusively for you, click me.

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