$2,000 GeneTex for Education Scholarship Program for Best Students

The GeneTex for Education Scholarship Program is a scholarship program offered by Genetex for students that are interested in STEM courses. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM majors and courses include life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, computer sciences, and mathematics.

Genetex is doing its best in investing in science and technology with the strong belief that the future depends on the young scientists of today.

Level/Field of Study

This scholarship is specifically for students taking STEM-related courses. This scholarship is for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Host Nationality

Genetex Inc is a company in the USA. Nonetheless, this scholarship is not restricted to only US citizens. It is open to international students too. As long as you are enrolled in an accredited university in your country, you are eligible for this scholarship.

Eligibility for the GeneTex Scholarship Program

  1. Must be an undergraduate student or a graduate student
  2. Must attend a university, a four-year college or a two-year college
  3. Must not be attending high school currently
  4. Restricted to students studying Physical Sciences, Computer Science/Data Processing, Mathematics and Social Sciences.

Requirements to Apply for the GeneTex for Education Scholarship Program

Genetex wants your most recent transcript (an unofficial transcript is acceptable) to confirm that you are excellent academically.

If you are an incoming or transfer student, you must present a letter of admission or another type of proof proving that you will be attending that university.

An essay of 500 words or less on what made you want to pursue a STEM major.

How to Apply for the GeneTex for Education Scholarship Program

Download, complete, and return the application form and supporting papers (i.e., transcripts, acceptance letter for incoming or transfer students, etc.) to scholarship@genetex.com. Please double-check your application form before submitting it to make sure it is complete. Attach your application and other requested papers in one email.

If your essay doesn’t fit on the form, you can include it within the mail or attach it as a document just like every other document.

Selection Process

A committee of three to five GeneTex workers will assess each qualifying submission. The committee will choose the scholarship winner based on the application that most complements GeneTex’s ideals and mission statement.

Genetex will choose, contact and announce the winner on the Genetex website within 1-2 weeks after the deadline.

Scholarship Award

The GeneTex for Education Scholarship Program awards $2,000 to students aiming for a degree in any of the STEM-related courses. This scholarship is given to a student twice a year.

If you are selected as a beneficiary of the scholarship, the award will be paid to the university where you are enrolled. The university will then send it to you as there is no restriction as to how the funds should be spent.

The scholarship is not renewable, however, if received the scholarship previously you can apply again when the next Genetex opens to receive the scholarship application again.

Deadline for the GeneTex for Education Scholarship Program

Genetex welcomes applications for the Fall 2023 scholarship starting from January 2023 through July 2023,

Tips to Win the GeneTex for Education Scholarship Program

The essay plays a key role in the scholarship award. Make sure your essay is professional and under 500 words. I believe that what is worth doing is worth doing well. It is going to be annoying to work so hard for an outstanding academic record only to miss out on a scholarship because of one essay that is not even more than 500 words.


Apart from the fact that this scholarship is not for everybody, there are not too many people who know about this scholarship. The competition is low, hence you stand a very good chance of being selected as a beneficiary. Don’t fail to give it a try.

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